Ivan Bajlo was born on 4 February 1976 in Zagreb, Croatia. He immediately started on his evil plans to take over the World! Currently his evil empire has expanded to 27 Gb of webspace! Currently I'm preoccupied with organization of International Photo Fair in Croatia.

My websites:

Some other websites I helped create (you can blame me for crappy html/css):

Note to other users - my websites are NOT GNU Free, they are Copyrighted by me and any contribution to Wikipedia can be done by me and me alone! ANY copyright violation will be deleted from Wikipedia!

Here is list of damage I did on Wikipedia.

I use to be editor at Open Directory Project covering few categories when I would get bored from playing video games. Currently besides updating websites above I waste my time on creating interwiki links since thousands are missing - real gold mine for lazy editor like me - so you might run into me on many different language wikipedia. :-)

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