"Suppose that, as is perfectly possible, Wikipedia continues producing articles at a rate of 1,000 per month. In seven years, it would have 84,000 articles."
-Larry Sanger, July 2001, quoted in Kuro5hin.

For any complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.
-paraphrase of H.L. Mencken

Qui nos rodunt confundantur, et cum justis non scribantur.

Their business model depends on the Internet not sucking. And we help the Internet not suck. - Jimmy Wales, on why Google and Yahoo like Wikipedia.

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Who am I?Edit

I'm just a guy who knows a bit about everything. I prefer breadth to depth, although having both is best. There are few things I know a lot about, but few that I know nothing about. The things I do know a lot about are an odd collection, and include:

I've been around Wikipedia since Fall 2003, making me a veteran Wikipedian but certainly not one of the oldest.

I stumbled on to this site while writing trivia questions for quiz bowl, and used it as a reference for more than a year before starting to contribute significantly. Then I got addicted. You know how it goes.

What do I do here?Edit

When I was a slacking college student, I spent an immense amount of time on Wikipedia. These days I have a job, a wife, a social life, and a World of Warcraft addiction. You won't see me around here much; too many other demands on my time.

I'm an administrator, and have been for years. Since I haven't been very active lately, I'm not up-to-date on current policy and practice. For that reason, I don't use my admin abilities for anything except occasionally deleting spam and other obvious nonsense on the recent changes page.

Where have I been?Edit

Of all my work on Wikipedia what you're most likely to see is the Tutorial, which was my idea even though I'm sure it would have happened eventually without me. I wrote most of the original version, and still do some updating and maintaining occasionally. I started the Welcoming committee page, but can't claim credit for the tradition of welcoming new users. I'm also proud to have written much of the early content of Wikipedia:Assume good faith, some of which still survives several years later.

To see a list of the articles I've started or made major edits to, check out my obligatory bragsheet.


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