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A Madagascar Pochard (Aythya innotata)
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Hello! I'm Innotata, as I've been known on Wikipedia since 2009, after the binomial name of the Madagascar pochard (Aythya innotata). Literally, the name means "unmarked" or "of little note". I'm a recent graduate in biology from the University of Minnesota, and a birder. On Wikipedia I mostly contribute to articles about birds and other animals, and add images. Take a look at my best work, below, to see what I am interested in and write about. A number of articles I've contributed to have been Did you know? articles on the Main Page, so they should be interesting. You can contact me by leaving a message on my talk page.

Some of my contributions

Recognised content

These are featured and good articles I'm a major contributor to:


These are articles I've started or expanded, and nominated for Did you know ...

... that Mithaecus's recipe for the burrowing fish Cepola macrophthalma is the oldest recorded recipe?
... that the chestnut sparrow, which usurps nests from weavers, may be evolving into a brood parasite?
... that when the russet sparrow (pictured) and the house sparrow breed in the same hill station, the house sparrow prefers bazaars and the russet sparrow "more up market" houses?
... that the clause of the Magna Carta prohibiting sentences of exile, except as the result of a lawful trial, refers particularly to the case of Robert Fitzwalter?
... that the bloater, which inhabits the depths of the Great Lakes, swells when brought to the surface?
... that the broad whitefish is eaten by brown bears when they cannot find salmon?
... that the rare, "almost legendary" Japanese lates was considered to be the same fish as the barramundi until 1984?
... that the pygmy whitefish is the most trout-like freshwater whitefish?
... that the Cape sparrow (pictured) successfully competes with its introduced relative, the house sparrow?
... that the Bering cisco migrates hundreds of miles up rivers without eating?
... that Edward Nicolls proposed that oak trees be grown in Sierra Leone for the Royal Navy?
... that J. Denis Summers-Smith became an expert on sparrows by travelling as an expert in tribology?
... that the black-throated gray warbler has expanded its range due to warming climate, instead of losing habitat like most migratory New World warblers?
... that the fossil relative of the house sparrow Passer predomesticus is known only from two upper jaw bones?
... that the Sind sparrow (pictured) was not recorded for 36 years after it was first described, despite searches by noted ornithologists?
... that Charles Darwin discovered the Iago sparrow (pictured) on the first stop of the voyage of the Beagle?
... that the Afghan snowfinch (pictured) is the only bird endemic to Afghanistan?
... that the 2nd Dragoon Regiment is the only military unit ever to receive France's Escapees' Medal, because nearly all of its members escaped from the German occupation of southern France in 1942?
... that Irene Morales (pictured) was orphaned and twice widowed prior to joining the Chilean Army in 1879, aged 13?
... that Pile chose her stage name after the pile that is on towels?
... that Theora mesopotamica was once given the name Abra cadabra, because a scientist believed it "had been dead for a long time, and could be described as a cadaver"?
... that after pioneering free jazz in the Netherlands during the 1960s, Cornelis Hazevoet gave up music to study zoology in 1980?
... that India is raising the Sikkim Scouts to defend its 222 km (138 mi) border with China in Sikkim?
... that Bambolinetta was probably the only duck to propel itself underwater with its wings, like a penguin?
... that Harrison B. Tordoff (pictured) said he was passionate about restoring the peregrine falcon because his experience as a fighter pilot "was as close as a human could get to being a peregrine"?

Passer project

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