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I am happy to announce to Wikipedia that I am here.

I do look forward to my stay, however brief or lengthy it may be.
This shall be a page where I might spend some time, however perhaps not all the time.

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I was born on May 4, 1989. And it was a glorious day when I entered the world. For my mother, it probably was a relief to have me enter this world. Because I was over two weeks late, nineteen days over time. Thus, I was born forced into this world by the usage of caesarean section. I still carry the scars deep down in my soul.

Alas, I have later been joined by siblings who must, or at least should be, award winning in the aspect of being "the most annoying siblings in history". People might say that theirs are more annoying, but mine are at least very much an annoyance and a nuisance to me. Currently I am in the final year of school and working on the side.


I am fortunate, as I can work and study at the same time, even though it is rather bothersome at times. Life as a student it not always fun, but one always manages in one way or another. By Norwegian standards, I am currently in my final year of "high school". This is not the correct term for it, but it explains things sufficiently. After the school year is finished, I shall cheer for a week and then work nearly all summer.


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I enjoy travelling very much, though it has not been to the extent I desire it to be. A visit or several to my neighbouring countries has there naturally been a few of. I have visited Sweden several times, Denmark on occasion and Cameroon.

I am certain that I am one of few people in this world that has been south of equator unwillingly. It was all because of problems with the flight engine and idiotic Belgians.

If I were supposed to make a list of all the places I would like to go, it would probably be a couple of metres. Though I shall mention some general areas I would like to visit:
South America

For some reason, I prefer to be bicycling rather than walking, it grants one the ability to appear more graceful rather than on foot. Also, one might travel from one place to another faster. Given by this, I enjoy le Tour de France and tries to watch every stage, however working prevents me from watching all these stages.


I enjoy a book when I find time, however, time will not always permit me this. When I am able to read, I enjoy classics, such as Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Crooked House by Agatha Christie and several others.

I am also a fan of more recent literature, one example might be the Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz, an incredibly clever writer, for his usage of a child being a spy for the MI6. C.S.Lewis's novels about Narnia, has been a favourite since I was a child.I also have a great love for the Harry Potter books.

Cartoons are additionally one of my more explored favourites.

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Generally, I enjoy quotes. Smart things people have said or simply things I find interesting.

A few of my favourites are as follows:

"The strongest man [or woman] in the world is he who stands most alone." Henrik Ibsen


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Today one might witness history, every minute of the day is history once it has passes. I have always held high the view that if one is not aware of one's history, one is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. I would even expand this to include those who are aware of their history, but take it too lightly.

They also say history goes in circles.

Internet and CommunicationsEdit

Internet and communications
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I spend several hours a day on the internet, though some of the time is caused by school work.
Sometimes too much, as I have experienced the last days.

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