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Wikipedians Newhoggy, Wm, myself, Jasabella, Andjam, Angela and Ta bu shi da yu at the WikiMeetup in Sydney on Sunday 20 November 2005.

Right now it is Saturday, 28 March 2020 at 22:16 and there are 6,044,148 articles in the English Wikipedia. Will you create the ten millionth article??

G'day all!!

My name is Ian Blair and I'm from Quakers Hill, a suburb in the northwest of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. I'm 30 years of age, and I graduated from the University of Western Sydney with the award of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) in April 2005. I'm currently a Project Development Officer at Sydney Water, the New South Wales State Government owned water supplier for Sydney, Illawarra and the Blue Mountains.

I've been part of Wikipedia since 4 December 2004 and became an Administrator on 16 November 2005. I have made over 85,000 edits. I have a particular interest of television in Australia both past and present as well as films, music and sport.

For those of you who are fortunate enough to be from the Great Southern Land, may I recommend that you add your name to the List of Australian Wikipedians and check out the Aussie noticeboard. We also have an Australian Collaboration of the Fortnight and we have WikiProjects for the following captial cities:

Some of the tasks that I'm undertaking are:

For the latest goings on here check out the weekly editions of The Wikipedia Signpost.

To see how contributions you have made use Kate's tool. Enter you username with the first letter capitalised. It's handy to know, especially if you're trying to get onto the list of the top 1000 contributers!!

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Early anon diffs made on 11 November 2004: [2] [3] [4] [5]

Early anon diffs made on 16 November 2004: [6] [7] [8]

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In case you're confused now, the above basically means that if my account is compromised, I will supply a piece of secret data to a trusted user (e.g. a developer), who will then run it through the specified hash function and confirm that it does indeed match the hashed data given above, thus establishing that I am the rightful holder of this account even if an attacker locks me out of it after compromising it.

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