I participate at ITN. Contrary to un-popular belief I actually read the articles. I do not engage in sarcasm and name calling, and will never call someone "obtuse" or tell them to "read more carefully". I think the subject is the article, not the people. I don't update articles because I'm not very good at it, but to suggest that makes me inferior, or a "jeering spectator" is inaccurate, hateful and unnecessary.

Per WP:BULLY, On Wikipedia, all editors have fair and equal rights to editing of all articles, project pages, and all other parts of the system..

Apparently the USA is behind the rest of the world on subjecting it's citizens to biometric tyranny. Who knew.


Span of text requiring citation.[citation needed]

Eurocentric ITNEdit

No one cries when it's a ton of Europe stories, but post two from America and it's bias bias bias.