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HyperGaruda is a Wikipedian of mixed Dutch and Indonesian origin, commonly called an Indo, although from a first-generation many decades after Indonesian independence. The name HyperGaruda is a combination of the Greek word "ὑπερ-" and the Sanskrit/Indonesian word "Garuda", symbolising the mixed European and Asian roots.

HyperGaruda can usually be found editing Dutch Wikipedia articles, but will from time to time turn its attention to the Indonesian and English Wikipedias as well. Especially on the latter Wikipedia, HyperGaruda often assumes the role of a grammar nazi on Indonesia-related articles. This role partly stems from HyperGaruda's facepalm-episodes upon seeing the type of English language used by a substantial amount of native Indonesians.


HyperGaruda is interested in many different subjects, ranging from historical infrastructure to architecture to the development of new medicines and so on. Leisure time is often spent on gaming, travelling and searching for missing information. In addition, this user has a profound knowledge of languages and linguistics, possibly caused by the mixed roots and the accompanying ability to see languages from different perspectives. Despite this affinity with humanities, HyperGaruda has chosen to pursue a career in life sciences.

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