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Muhammad Ali Raza[1]
Host Muhammad Ali Raza July 2019
Tv Host

09 Aug 1991[2]
Lahore, Pakistan
Other namesAli Baba
Known forFounding FDI in Pakistan[3]
TelevisionTns Tv Pakistan
TitleAnchor Person[4]
SuccessorMuhammad Mateen[5] (Brother)
MovementHosting Tv Programs[6]
  • Haji Muhammad Ashraf[7] (father)



His birth name is Muhammad, and is called Muhammad Ali Raza[10] and being a Mureed of Ghause Azam, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, he is 'Qadri'. And due to the following and affection towards Ala Hazrat, Imam Ahmed Raza Khan, he is Razawi. Muhammad Ali Raza is a very famous pakistani Islamic Scholar.


Muhammad Ali Raza[11] was born on 09 Aug 1991 in the locality Kot-Lakhpat in the city of Lahore in Pakistan.


As a child, Muhammad Ali Raza[12] was simple and hardworking. He always tilted towards religion. He preferred to pass his time in Masajid (mosque) by reciting the Qur'an, listening to Naats and praying five times.

Early LifeEdit

Muhammad Ali Raza's[13] temporary life is simple, he has his own business, which gives it the most time, saying that Showbiz is my hobby and I like to give my business the most importance. It is said that they are not interested in politics but also they do not like politics in any sense. He says that if I am asked for a political program, I will immediately refuse it once or twice, so I do not ask for a political program. It is better to do religious programs and entertainment programs. It seems that such programs like our family members like to see a lot. They say that many plays have been invited to serials and movies, but I want to do all this, but I do not have any best stories yet. There is no story found by any good and well-known mood if there is a drama serial on a good topic in life Or if a telephony is found, then I will try to make my role. He was also invited to act as an actor for a famous company advertisement for the last few months but he refused to work in the advertisement. He said that I did not like this advertisement script, if any good If you do not know what you are looking for, then you will not be able to make a mistake Meet and Simple.


He has spread message of peace and love very successfully. He has a huge fan following. He is a humble and honest person. He has written several books to spread religious awareness. FDI (Farogh-e-Deen-e-Islam)[14] organizes well-attended events across Pakistan. His biggest achievement is spreading love and helping people become good human beings. His followers lovingly call him "Ali Bhai"[15].

Translation of Holy Qura'an Voice OverEdit

One of the work of Muhammad Ali Reza,[16] which is so beautiful and worthy of praise, can not be described in common words, is that in the voice of Muhammad Ali Raza,[17] which has been recorded to the Holy Quran, this honor has been given to anyone till today. It's probably worthless. They say I wish! My God likes this work and forgive me because of my work and go to heaven.


Muhammad Ali Raza[18] is a very capable and intelligent Islamic scholar, he has hosted many famous programs on the private television screen on the national level. Muhammad Ali Raza's deep appreciation from Urdu literature and is interested in reading poetry and reading books and writing books, is very interesting to poetry. Muhammad Ali Raza[19] has started his regular start of this sector.

Popular ProgramsEdit

The name of First Tv Program "ALLAH WALAY LOG"[20] in 2015 was very popular. After this, another famous program, Muhammad Ali Raza, used to be popular in his own area. His intriguing program, which he mentioned, was named as something hosted. Coffee With Muhammad Ali Raza, MULAQAT,[21] Aaj Ki Shakhsiyat is one of the most famous programs. Muhammad Ali Raza has also come to many TV channels by being guest, not just this but also has played well on FM radio. Muhammad Ali Reza is more famous because of his Islamic style program, so it has done all kinds of programs as a hosts whether it is Islamic program or an entertainment program, Muhammad Ali Raza[22] is the best player of his field. And every way there is a successful personality.

Work asEdit

Muhammad Ali Raza[23] also runs a production house named Tns Tv Pakistan, he has done a lot of programs from his production, saying that there is no shortage of capacity in Pakistan, to bring new faces out of the production made I want them to make their name like us and can make the name of the country Pakistan light. Muhammad Ali Raza[24] Welfare is also very interested in the tasks, he says that if a person performs a little work for welfare, God will give a great reward in the Hereafter. Muhammad Ali Raza is a very capable and intelligent person in his world, he says that man is not older than his own age but is more than his experience Muhammad Ali Raza has worked as producer, director and very well. People working in fields show that people always remember their ability.


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