Hi there! I'm a long-time Wikipedia user, and have been making occasional edits as an IP for some time, now. With a little encouragement from a couple friendly users, I finally took the dive and signed up. Face-smile.svg

In case you're wondering about the username, I'm a historian, and wanted to sign-up as Hi-storian, but was prevented because my username was "too close" to an existing name. After trying a few other variants, this is the one that stuck. Oh, well. At least I get to use Hi-storian for my sig.

Right now I'm researching the History of medicine as a side project for something else I'm working on. This is an extensive project, covering a very broad profession though the entire sweep of time from prehistory to present day. Currently, I'm working on Ancient Egyptian medicine, and trying to find decent resources for Prehistoric medicine and Babylonian medicine I may consider translating fr:Médecine en Mésopotamie.

I can read French pretty well, but have no knowledge of German other than what Google Translate can do for me, so I'll be working with other users on German articles that are missing or incomplete here in the English Wikipedia. I'm also doing some related clean-up work at Wikimedia Commons and WikiData. I also just discovered Simple English, and intend to contribute there, as well.