...oh, you know. i edit stuff.
i've given my share of third opinions.
i also revert vandalism quite a bit.
and i translate Japanese articles.

i've also built some tools.

and i'm pretty inactive these days. life just gets in the way, you know?

been writing and rockin' wiki since feb 21, 2006.
i hit 10,000 edits on dec 1, 2008 (by adding this text).
and i hit 20,000 edits on may 28, 2010 (by adding this text).
my 30,000th edit was on march 9, 2011 (by adding this text).
but then i stopped doing that when i hit my 40,000th edit on jan 15, 2012. oh well.

on sep 1, 2010, a bunch of kind folks decided to make me an administrator.

and i'm not all that fond of userboxes. i like my userpage to be simple.