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Reason For JoiningEdit

The sole reason for which I joined Wikipedia was to join the WikiProject Albums. I believe the best place one could go to get absolutely accurate data about their CDs is Wikipedia. There are lots of websites out there that do the same, but never with enough accuracy, consistency or details. But most importantly, we never know how accurate their info is. Wikipedia being an encyclopedia, I believe it is the best place were we can put info, where people can read it knowing that the info is 100% accurate and complete. I try to work on CDs from game or anime soundtracks mostly.
happypal (Talk | contribs)

Barn StarsEdit

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I award you this Barnstar for being really helpful but more than anything really nice to me. You are indeed a Happy Pal. Thanks Zidane tribal (talk) 09:43, 5 July 2008 (UTC)

Future WorksEdit

I am currently working on all the "Music of Final Fantasy" Pages, so feel free to help! Also, I plan on creating the pages Music of Drag-on Dragoon and Drag-on Draggon 2 Original Soundtrack. I also plan to do a bit of work on the already existing Audio part of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles page.
I am also planning a MASSIVE page called Music of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny. This would be a an article of no less than 50 CDs! I might consider separating the two, but some albums stretch over both anime.

If you feel like helping me ANYWHERE, don't hesitate to tell me, and I'll focus my energies on that article.


Here are a list of articles I have worked on. They are mostly Game/Anime Soundtrack. I mostly work on the track listing, and putting the Japanese, when needed.

Random CDs. I put a lot more work in these.

Ghost in the Shell series. Formated the already present track listings. Added to the articles. I mostly look over them more then edit them.

Final Fantasy Currently, these are combined in "Music of:" style. Only worked on the track listing. These were recently merged, and a lot was lost during the merge (IMO, but the work they did is still good), like tracklists dissapearing, and infoboxes-becoming thumbs. I am working to make them generally better.