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I'm newbie here, so I think I make some mistakes or something or manythings that are not inline with Wikipedia Policies or Guidelines. Please receive my apologies.

I have made User:Gsarwa several minutes ago and hopefully I made the correct one. I have also the author of Illumination: Bridge and compact camera which has been deleted several hours ago. My wonder is why it has been deleted. I'm a neutral person who want share my knowledge without hope get anything from my sharing. If there are a part of the article that are not sufficient to be encyclopedic writing please let me know. I will make correction(s) or that any suggestion for me or what should I do. Please for give me if there any sentences that may be offended you. Need all supports and guidances from all of you. Thank you so much. (I see in the Show Preview '(talk)' after Gsarwa is still in red color)Gsarwa (talk) 03:01, 4 October 2010 (UTC)