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About me

Hello, I am Gaurav Pande (Marathi: गौरव पांडॆ). I am a 1980 born and was brought up in Nagpur and now staying in Pune. I have been to Cincinnati, USA for a brief period of 3 years where I came in touch with Wikipedia while doing net-surfing.

I tend to get involved in many diverse things which attract my attention. For example, I have never visited Ahmedabad or Gangtok, but with help of friends, I was able to save the FA status.

List of states and union territories of India by population is my first featured content on Wikipedia. Thanks to Gary King, Sundar, Dwaipayanc and Nichalp for helping me with it.

I also like to make maps using Inkscape. I go by the same name on Wikimedia commons.

I regularly create/update/nominate news items to WP:ITN which are mostly India related.

My Sandbox
I believe in: cool