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Did you know ...

... that conductor Eugen Szenkar,
who promoted works by Béla Bartók and Gustav Mahler
in Germany, Russia, and Brazil,
caused a "near riot" with the world premiere of
The Miraculous Mandarin?

Best wishes for 2020, - let's make it a year of illumination, enlightenment and vision!

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Did you know ...

... that Ave Maria, an obscure piece for two men's choirs
by Franz Biebl published in 1964,
became a choral standard after Chanticleer
made it part of their holiday programs?

(1 January 2020 · listen to Chanticleer, 2015)

... that John Rutter wrote the text and music for
Angels' Carol, a choral piece for Christmas,
using the Latin "Gloria in excelsis Deo" as a refrain?

(24 December 2019 · listen to us, 2019)

Let's be thankful for 2019, a year of thanks.

12 June imagined
St. Martin, Idstein, Pentecost Monday.jpg
Nun bitten wir den Heiligen GeistSymbol support vote.svg

Calendar 2020Edit

2019 was another green year

Months and music for 2020Edit

Advent · expectationEdit

Ecumenical service · Abendlob

Did you know ...

... that the German Advent song "Tochter Zion, freue dich"
has words by Friedrich Heinrich Ranke set to music used for
triumphant entrances in two of Handel's oratorios?

... that a verse from Psalm 85 inspired artworks
depicting the kiss of Justice and Peace?

... that Dixit Maria, a motet in Latin by Hans Leo Hassler,
sets to music the narrative of Mary's consent to the Annunciation?

... that one of the versions of Vivaldi's Magnificat
included five arias to be performed
by girl soloists from the Ospedale della Pietà,
who were named in the score?

... that the hymn "Nun lässest du, o Herr",
written by Georg Thurmair as a paraphrase of the Nunc dimittis,
appeared with a 16th-century melody in the first Gotteslob,
but with a new one in the second?

... that Ave Maria, an obscure piece for two men's choirs
by Franz Biebl published in 1964, became famous
when the Chanticleer made it part of their holiday programs?

Christmas · radiance and lightEdit

24 December · Christmas Eve
25 December · First Day of Christmas
26 December · Second Day of Christmas
Radio service hr4


Beethoven in 1803

Did you know ...

... that "Die Himmel rühmen!"
('The heavens praise'), which begins a song
from an 1803 lieder collection by Beethoven
setting Gellert's paraphrase of Psalm 19,
became the title of
a concert series by a pop singer?

(2 February 2020)



Did you know ...

... that the Figuralchor Frankfurt,
founded in 1966 as a youth choir for the state broadcaster Hessischer Rundfunk,
sang Mahler's Symphony of a Thousand
at the opening of the Alte Oper?

... that the hymn "Gott, der du warst und bist und bleibst" was composed for
the opening of the Sankt Georgen seminary church in Frankfurt?
(11 January 2020)

... that American coloratura soprano Laura Aikin
who began her opera career in Berlin,
appeared as Marie in Zimmermann's Die Soldaten at the 2012 Salzburg Festival?

... that "Wir pflügen und wir streuen" by Matthias Claudius, began as a song of
a fictional harvest festival, and is now a Protestant hymn for Erntedankfest?

February and MarchEdit

1 February
8 March
8 March

Did you know ...

... that in his 1831 chorale cantata Verleih uns Frieden, Mendelssohn set Luther's German prayer for peace to a new melody?

... that O salutaris hostia (O saving victim), a setting of a Eucharistic hymn for mixed choir by Vytautas Miškinis, was performed in Brussels when Lithuania held the EU presidency?

... that Three Latin Motets (Beati), Charles Villiers Stanford's only church music not in English, was dedicated to Alan Gray, who succeeded him as organist at Trinity College, Cambridge, and the college's choir?

... that Henry Purcell (pictured) composed basically two settings of Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts, a complex one early, and a simple one for the burial of Queen Mary?


good plans but cancelled

28 + 29 March
9 April
Maundy Thursday
10 April
Good Friday


Passion in Paintings
from Unionskirche, Idstein

Ubi caritas et amor

Did you know ...

... that in a motet for Maundy Thursday,
Tristis est anima mea,
Jesus says in Gethsemane
"Sad is my soul even unto death"?

... that in his 1960
Quatre Motets sur des thèmes grégoriens,
Maurice Duruflé "shows his
particular genius for invoking
the spiritual element of plainsong
in a polyphonic context"?

Matthäuspassion (cancelled)
Ecce homo

... that Bach used stanzas
of the 1533 hymn
"In dich hab ich gehoffet, Herr",
a paraphrase of Psalm 31,
as chorales in three vocal works,
including in the St Matthew Passion?

... that the soprano Jo Vincent appeared
in Willem Mengelberg's 1939 recording
of Bach's St Matthew Passion,
and in the world premiere of
Britten's Spring Symphony in 1949?


Did you know ...

... that according to Luke the Evangelist,
the last words of Jesus on the cross
came from Psalm 31?

(10 April 2020)

... that 2019 concerts
in the 19th-century
Bergkirche in Wiesbaden
included Pärt's Passio and
Handel's Messiah?



Did you know ...

... that on Good Friday 2020,
Benedikt Kristjánsson sang all roles
in a chamber arrangement of Bach's St John Passion,
broadcast live from the composer's burial place?

... that three of the 34 stanzas of "Jesu Leiden, Pein und Tod",
a Passion hymn by Paul Stockmann,
were included in Bach's St John Passion?



good plans, but cancelled

11 April
Easter Vigil
12 April
Happy Easter

Did you know ...

... that I Will Mention the Loving-kindnesses
is an 1875 Easter anthem by Arthur Sullivan
for solo tenor, mixed choir, and organ,
setting a passage from the Book of Isaiah?

... that Krzysztof Penderecki
inserted at the end of his Credo,
from Psalm 118,
"Haec dies, quam fecit Dominus ..."
(This is the day, which the Lord has made:
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.)?


in memoriamEdit


Did you know ...

... that Dmitri Smirnov (pictured)
composed the
Triple Concerto No. 2
for the centenary concert
of the London Symphony Orchestra,
with the principal
violinist, harpist, and double bassist
as soloists?


Did you know ...

... that Erhard Egidi (23 April 1929 – 8 September 2014)
conducted at the Neustädter Kirche both
the first performance after more than 300 years
of a funeral music by the church's first organist
and Bach's Mass in B minor?

(25 May 2013)

... that Le Concert Spirituel played Handel's open-air music
at the Proms with an ensemble that comprised
18 oboes, 9 trumpets, 9 trombones, and strings?

(listen if you think uplifting music would be good for you)


good plan, but cancelled 31 Pentecost - Chor von St. Bonifatius + Wiesbadener Knabenchor (60th anniversary) - Schubert: Mass in E-flat major


Did you know ...

... that several hymns for Pentecost in different languages
are based on the 9th-century Veni Creator Spiritus?

(31 May 2020, Pentecost)


good plans but cancelled 7 Kirchweih - St. Martin - Colin Mawby: Halleluja / Rheingau Musik Festival, also July and August

Places and songsEdit

I asked my friends to tell me a location where they would like to sing a song with me. Mine is first. For all but one so far, the images are placeholders, more or less similar to what I received, sometimes rather showing the mood than the location. When you read this, feel free to add one ;) - The small dates for the places indicate that I took the image. The small dates for the songs indicate when we actually sang the songs (first). 5 and 12 July are church dates, which covered five of them, be it mind-reading or a look here ;)

Image Places Songs Notes
  A meadow full of daisies where the Aar springs
(12 Jun)
music 1 listen 1
listen 2
  St. Michael, Kaubenheim Das Wandern ist des Müllers Lust (6 Aug)
(m 1 Oct)
  St. Bonifatius, Wiesbaden Mein Gott, wie schön ist deine Welt (12 Jul)
  Kreuzkapelle, Bad Camberg
(19 Sep)
(m 9 Jun)
Wise Guys, listen
  St. Martin, Idstein 
(1 Jun)
O Lamm Gottes, unschuldig as in St Matthew Passion
(5 Jul)
  Zu den heiligen Engeln, Kirchrode Geh aus, mein Herz, und suche Freud (12 Jun)
(m 2 Oct)
  Gaisbergferner, Obergurgl Geh aus, mein Herz, und suche Freud (12 Jun)
Sozusagen grundlos vergnügt (15 Aug)
(22 May)
Ave Maria
Handel's Hallelujah 
(m 10 Jul)
  Borgholzhausen Das wünsch ich sehr, dass immer einer bei dir wär
(m 12 Jun)
  St. Johannes Evangelist Viel Glück und viel Segen [de]
(12 Jun)
  Sunset in Thuringia Wenn Du jetzt aufgibst listen
  Caputh, Brandenburg, where Fontane walked and Einstein liked to live Rote Rosen am Hügel (3 Oct)
(m 19 Sep)
  Lüneburger Heide Auf der Lüneburger Heide
  Schloss Oldenburg Such, wer da will, ein ander Ziel (15 Aug) played on trumpet
Flowers Das Weizenkorn muss sterben
Viens, Esprit Créateur
their home Take the "A" Train sung by Ella Fitzgerald, listen
  Glen Nevis listen 3 Moop Mama
  Rheinsteig above Rüdesheim, overlooking Nahe Segne, Vater, diese Gaben (12 Jun)
  Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral listen 1 2
  Berger Kirche Petite messe solennelle
(m 11 Jul)
(19 May)
Mögen sich die Wege (Irish blessing)
(m 11 Jul)
  Rhine at Rheindürkheim
(27 May)
Mein Gott, wie schön ist deine Welt (12 Jul)
  Organ loft of St. Bonifatius, Wiesbaden, where the choir often performed, including Bach's Christmas Oratorio Gabriel's Oboe
(m 13 Sep)
listen to Henrik Chaim Goldschmidt
  Handkerchief tree, Rombergpark Freuet euch der schönen Erde (11 Jul) Text listen
  Georgengarten, Hannover The Times They Are a-Changin' listen
  Yellow flowers and wall Le Laudi 
(m 18 Sep)
  Bright Angel Trail Sweet Bird
Bach Cello Suites
listen 1 2 Yo-Yo Ma
  White and red roses in Eltville, framing the view of the Rhine
(8 Jun)
Die güldne Sonne voll Freud und Wonne (18 Jun)
Nun danket alle Gott (5 Jul)
(m 3 Oct)
  Autobahnkirche Siegerland
Denn er hat seinen Engeln befohlen, from Elias
(m 11 Jul)
  Herzogstand Hebe deine Augen auf, from Elias
  Münster Botanical Garden
(11 Jul 2018)
La Partida listen
  Bedford Presbyterian Church Vespro della Beata Vergine 
Dona nobis pacem, from Mass in B minor 
  Teatown Lake Reservation Jesu, meine Freude, BWV 227 (13 Aug)
  From Werl to Teresina Die Himmel rühmen des Ewigen Ehre
Ave verum corpus
  Fondation Monet in Giverny Seele, vergiss sie nicht 
Von Gott kömmt mir ein Freudenschein, from Erschallet, ihr Lieder, erklinget, ihr Saiten! BWV 172 
(m 27 Jul)
  Flight over Berchtesgaden Kommt ein Vogel geflogen (13 Oct)
  Castle Tower in Eltville Die Schöpfung
(m 18 Sep)
  Pocantico River at Rockefeller State Park Preserve Here I Am, Lord
For the beauty of the earth (13 Jun)
listen 1
listen 2
  St. Jacobi in Werther, decorated for Thanksgiving Wir pflügen und wir streuen
Stern über Bethlehem
(m 3 Oct)
  Ronneburg What the World Needs Now Is Love song at wedding, listen to Dionne Warwick
  Tuscany Geh aus, mein Herz, und suche Freud (12 Jun)
(m 12 Jun)
Winery near Leesburg, Virginia Virginia, The Home Of My Heart listen to Susan Greenbaum
  Schloss Freudenberg in Wiesbaden-Dotzheim Der Lindenbaum, from Schubert's Winterreise
Libiamo ne' lieti calici
  Entree salle capitulaire of Abbaye de Fontevraud Dona nobis pacem (round) (18 Jul) listen
  Torneträsk Vi gå över daggstänkta berg (6 Aug)
  Spitzingsee O Täler weit, o Höhen (17 Aug)
Sail away (17 Aug)

Anna and Bernhard BlumeEdit


Did you know ...

... that the art photographers Anna and Bernhard Blume
created Kitchen Frenzy and Pure Reason?

... that in 1968, the German artist Bazon Brock created
a sign in the style of a high voltage warning saying
that "death must be abolished ..."?


back to singing in church at St. Martin, Idstein 

5 July
Nun jauchzt dem Herren, alle Welt
12 July
Mein Gott, wie schön ist deine Welt
26 July
Deutsche Messe (Schubert)


2 August
Herr, deine Güt ist unbegrenzt
9 August
Singt dem Herrn ein neues Lied
16 August
Ein Haus voll Glorie schauet
22 August
Zu dir, o Gott, erheben wir die Seele
29 August
Ich lobe meinen Gott von ganzem Herzen

Did you know ...

... that Rhythm Is It!
is a 2004 documentary film
about 250 public school students
trained by Royston Maldoom
to dance Stravinsky's Le Sacre du printemps
with the Berlin Philharmonic?

(31 August 2020)



5 September
Lobet den Herren alle, die ihn ehren
12 September
Zu dir, o Gott, erheben wir
19 September
Kreuzkapelle, Bad Camberg
26 September
Alles meinem Gott zu Ehren

Did you know ...

... that Franz Leuninger, a Catholic trade unionist in Silesia
who ran against the Nazis for election to the Reichstag in 1933,
was executed in March 1945?

(16 September 2020)

... that Felix Mendelssohn subtitled Sechs Lieder, Op. 59,
six songs for four voices
setting poems by Eichendorff and others,
"Im Freien zu singen"?

(17 September 2020)


Did you know ...

... that Nerotalanlagen,
a park along a creek in Wiesbaden,
was built in the late 19th century
to enhance the town's spa quality?

(26 September 2020)

good plans but cancelled:

26 - Concert - Chor St. Martin + Idsteiner Kantorei + Zwijndrecht Korale - St. Martin - Martín Palmeri: Misatango + Peter Reulein: Te Deum

27 - same


3 October
Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie
Adagio for Strings
4 October
St. Pankratius, Gütersloh [de]
Lobet den Herren alle, die ihn ehren
4 October
St. Peter, Syburg
Bläserquartett "ArtCollage"
10 October
Eine große Stadt ersteht
17 October
Erfreue dich, Himmel

Did you know ...

... that Louis Vierne (pictured) completed his
Third Organ Symphony
during a summer vacation with the family of Marcel Dupré,
who played the world premiere in Paris in 1912?

(8 October 2020)

... that "Einer ist unser Leben",
a hymn with text written by Lothar Zenetti in 1973,
was recommended for a regional ecumenical service in 2020?


Did you know ...

... that conductor Eugen Szenkar,
who promoted works by Béla Bartók and Gustav Mahler
in Germany, Russia, and Brazil,
caused a "near riot" with the world premiere of
The Miraculous Mandarin?

(16 October 2020)

good plans, but cancelled

3 - Concert - St. Bonifatius - Johannes Brahms: Schicksalslied · Joachim Raff: De profundis [2]

24 - Concert - Reger-Chor - St. Bonifatius - Bach: O ewiges Feuer, BWV 34/1 · Duruflé: Requiem · Van Nuffel: In Convertendo + Bach: Bleib bei uns, BWV 6/1

31 - Brugge Cathedral - same



13 Abendlob for Advent - St. Martin

24 Chritsmas Eve - St. Martin

25 Christmas Day - St. Bonifatius