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Gerald when two editors are warring and he just wants to fix that typo
BornColumbia Asia, Medan Petisah, Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia
Time zoneIndochina Time (UTC+7)
EthnicityChinese Indonesian
Blood typeA+
SexualityBisexual Pride Flag.svg Bisexual
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Written signatureGerald Waldo Luis.png

Hi! My name is Gerald Waldo Luis (/ˈdʒærəld wɒl.dəʊ lɪs/; Indonesian pronunciation: [ge'rald wal'do lu'wis]); nicknamed Gerald or simply Ge; also known under the pseudonym gerald.90x or gerald-90x[a] in select social media.[b] I am a Chinese-Indonesian born in Medan, Indonesia. I am an aviation enthusiast, closed captioner, and a cinephile. My editing activities frequent more towards entertainment, Indonesia, interested countries, and aviation, although I'm happy to work on (nearly) anything. I started editing during the COVID-19 pandemic in my country, although I created this account on 8:02 UTC December 12, 2018.[1]

My main basis on Wikipedia-contributing is that the moment you started editing, you are committing yourself to be aware the next time you edit. You are editing a website wherein thousands of people (or even millions, if you're lucky) visit to receive accurate information. That being said, you are a volunteer! There is no deadline, and Wikipedia shouldn't have one! We will never be the sum of all human knowledge, and that's what makes Wikipedia the awesome projects it still resists till now!

If you need any assistance regarding Wikipedia or outside, or if you need any help, I'm happy to assist you! If you need to access paywalled sources, I have access to The Wikipedia Library; see the "Seattle Library" section here. Note that I live in the UTC+7 region. (click [2] for live time) If you also just want to talk generally and off-topic, oh hell am I happy to chat about shits!

To see my contributions, click here, or here for a more detailed one. To see the pages I created, see this. For a record of my nominations and reviews, see this.

My Linktree page: this. My WP-only email is (only for private things and death threats).

Gerald Waldo Luis
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Literal meaningSister music


Gerald is Germanic, Waldo is English, and Luis is Chinese. Guess that's why my first language is English even though I'm an Indonesian. I'm always told that the Brits are jerks. I'm not one, folks. But if I act like a jerk, just know that my name's a Brit.

I don't really view my name as having some sort of "meaning." For me, those who think so are too attached to mythologies like zodiacs. If you are one of them, same, I love the concept, but maybe it's time to let loose for a bit.


I made this account on (2018-12-12) December 12, 2018 (age 2) out of curiosity.[c] At first, I don't know the use of making an account, I just make one. I saw the words "Not logged in" at the top, and wondered what do I get when logging in. Do I get a newsletter? A free membership? Anything? I then made the account, and didn't know what will come out when I went to, at least that happened for a year and five months.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic came, and stay-at-home measures were made. I tried, in every way, to stay myself out of boredom and insanity, including, one day, starting making edits on Wikipedia (Ikr, a bit weird). I wanted to edit the Gundala article, talking more about the music in the film. Literally, my first edit was being reverted, because of "the use of external links in the body" by XLinkBot. I soon realize there are policies and guidelines on Wikipedia, and after reading a few of them, I finally started to get used to the nature. After spending a day trying to learn the basic things on Wikipedia, I then started editing. I tried finding articles to edit, not from the community portal, but from my own interest. I refused from editing articles on subjects I have little to no expertise on at the time, just to make sure I have my first days OK on Wikipedia. After several major edits, I found myself fit on Wikipedia, and decided to stay. There are, though, times when I fail to do a good edit and was reverted, but luckily the editors are cool enough to guide me to the universe of Wikipedia. I also found the Teahouse to be a good place of asking.

One and a half month later, I became extended-confirmed, allowing me to edit more articles and pages such as Minecraft, Coronavirus disease 2019, etc. I started getting involved in COVID-19-related articles and discussion as well, and started entering several WikiProjects, the first one is WikiProject Aviation. After getting involved in an AfD discussion and several discussions, I decided to level myself up by making an article. My first article is QuarantineChat, and after several editors polish it, I'm glad at how it turned out. I then continued on making more and more edits, and made some articles. I have also tried bringing some articles I'm interested in to high-quality, and also helped them getting to GA or FA statuses. In August 19, I became a Teahouse host, as well as an AFC reviewer. I also nominated myself for getting pending changes rights, but was denied due to low display of experience in counter-vandalism. I was later listed as one in early 2021, at a second attempt.

Amount of people worshiping this user as of March 2020.

Wikipedia values & opinonsEdit

  • WP is not for your essays. Wikipedia is a mashup, not an undebatable reliable source for you to cite on your essays! Please, folks! Wikipedia can be a helper for your studies, but not a sole source.[3][4] You see those numbers? Click it, that's what we want you to use! If a statement you want to use is from The New York Times, instead of writing "According to Wikipedia...," write "According to The New York Times...." Do not even mention us! We are like your ghost writers; we help you, just don't say anything. Shhhh!
  • WP needs less bias. WP:NPOV exists, yet people still allows bias in when it comes to editing a certain page, i.e. the vulnerable political articles. I've seen a lot of Wikipedia-based social media posts and YouTube videos' comments complaining how Wikipedia is a "leftist bullshit" and that "it makes it worse if #fakenews (CNN, CBS) is endorsing it." Honestly as an Indonesian who's 12 hours bordered from Americans, I don't know the full problem with it, but I know it must stop. Wikipedia should talk about a subject fairly and without bias, just the facts, nothing else. It's one of the most-cited policies in talks, reverts, edits, yet it still is very underrated. When it comes to being a Wikipedian, get your partisan side off and just edit like a nonpartisan guy who does not understand American shit. I think politics and the power of to has made Wikipedia vulnerable to ruining its own reputation.
  • Vandals can change. Yes, vandals can change, you intolerant devils. Why do rehabs exist for druggers if you think vandals can't change?[5]
These clownfishes are mating. They can do so because they know exactly what they're doing with they're eyes. That's what VisualEditor is for some.
  • Keep VisualEditor. I use it, and apparently, that's something I'm allowed to say. Jokes aside, though,, VisualEditor is literally what made me stay on Wikipedia. Its facility allowed me to just be a salt and edit, which everyone should. It's not as if I don't learn the markup and that I don't use the source editor. I use them, and I know I have to, and I know that if I am not willing to learn it, it symbolizes how selfish and lazy I am in doing the things I'm interested in. It's just that I'm grateful there is a convenience. Wikipedia shouldn't be something only programmers can do, and it must never be. And by the way, just because someone loves something, doesn't mean they're a nerd. I hate saying tech nerd.
  • Don't do overkill. Because it is not good for the eyes,[6][6][6][6][6][6][6] and at times vague,[6][6][6] because, I[6] mean, one source's good,[6][6][6][6][6][6][6][6][6][6][6][6][6][6] why do you need 15[6] more?[6][6][6][6][6][6][6][6][6][6]

Titles I am not interested in earningEdit

While I love being upgraded to get a certain thing in Wikipedia, there are things I consider to be extraneous, or just not of my palette.

  • Administrators. No, please don't. I am just a regular person editing and chatting here.
  • Rollbacker. Personally I don't see anything special other than having the cool "Rollback" tag instead of "Undo." I just use Twinkle.
  • Mass message sender. Huh?
  • Bureaucrat. Self-explanatory.
  • CheckUser. Nope, not strong.

Don't act stiffEdit

A lot of Wikipedians love to get stiff, acting too busy and being narrowed to their own world of Wikipedia. Have some fun. Editing Wikipedia should be something fun and valuable. Don't be too focused on the project but with no interaction and love towards the fellow editors you collaborate with. If something bothers you whilst editng, you must vent about it to an editor that is willing to hear it (I am one of them, of course). Like the aviation industry, there's an editor crisis, and we don't want stuff to be more severe. A lot of things are flawed within the community: if you have one please speak out!


I'm sorry, but can't we all be relaxed for a second and stop being so serious on stupid stuff. Like, this sound is already good, why replacing 'em with a dull one? Pretty sure you're offended cause it's a meme now.[7]


Not really FAQs, but just tryna seem professional (even when I'm not).

  • What is the word limit for stubs according to you?
  • Why did you removed the links in the boldface words?
    • I removed it per MOS:BOLDLINKAVOID, in which bolds should not be skinned with hyperlinks-- any links, really. It removes the essence of what a bold is meant to be, and its not really good for some's eye.
  • What are your parents' reaction when they knew you edit Wikipedia seriously?
    • They realized that I have been skipping Zoom classes 2 hours everyday just to revert a disruptive edit to the Cock and ball torture page.
  • I feel like thanking is simply not enough to value your contributions. How can I support you more?
    • Make me notable; give me a round ticket to Athens; or send Bitcoin to 16mVj7s32Qov2AsWWCpoxaDiXc6ZXpFLX
  • Autism? Didn't see that userbox months ago. Is that why for the hiatus?
    • I did went through a short but intense semi-hiatus for like a month or two. Reason? I USED A VPN THAT DIRECTS MY IP ADDRESS TO A JAPANESE ONE AND THAT IS A BLOCKED IP IN WIKIMEDIA AND I COULDN'T EDIT AND I DIDN'T KNOW THIS WAS WHY UNTIL THE END DATE FOR THE HIATUS VISNWINIORNVIRNOIVRNOIVNIRNVRAIVFJN!!! As for the former two, I recently (2021) found out I was diagnosed with autism as a child. It took me a while to adjust to the fact and contemplate on how every single awkward moment in my life is 90% caused by my autism, but it did not affect my editing at all. I can assure y'all nothing has changed, and I'm still the thorough, bastard editor I was before. And no autism card I swear.

Seattle LibraryEdit

Just kidding, it's my library.

I have a decent amount of sources, including many in The Wikipedia Library. I also need a lot of them. Maybe we can help each other, eh?

Sources I haveEdit

  • Adrian, J.; Kustaman, Albi; Ramadhani; Rahmat, A. (2017). Kustaman (ed.). Apakah Bumi Itu Datar? [Is the Earth Flat?] (in Indonesian). Yogyakarta: Narasi. ISBN 9789791685238. For you who wants some resources about flat earth.CS1 maint: postscript (link)
  • Hornby, A.S.; Cowie, A.P.; Gimson, A.C. (1974). "Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English". Oxford University Press. ISBN 0194311066. An old version of the dictionary.CS1 maint: postscript (link)
  • Endah, Albretine (May 2016). Merry Riana: Mimpi Sejuta Dolar [Merry Riana: The Million Dollar Dream] (in Indonesian) (19 ed.). Jakarta: Gramedia Pustaka Utama. ISBN 9789792274813A biographical book about Merry Riana, if you need one.CS1 maint: postscript (link)
  • Habibie, Bacharuddin Jusuf (December 2010) [November 2010]. Habibie & Ainun (in Indonesian) (2 ed.). Jakarta: THC Mandiri. ISBN 9789791255134An autobiography of Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie.CS1 maint: postscript (link)
  • Winchester, Jim (2007). A Chronology of Aviation: A Day-By-Day History of a Century of Powered Flight. Sterling Publishing. ISBN 978-1782740674.

The Wikipedia LibraryEdit

Currently I'm trying to retrieve back my Wikipedia-only email, in order to get access to, which I earned. Hold on.

To-do listEdit

  Top-priority to-do list for User:Gerald Waldo Luis:

Planned featured article candidates: Memories of My Body

Planned featured list nominations: List of colonial buildings in Medan, List of accolades received by Interstellar, List of YouTube Premium original programming, List of World Heritage Sites in Indonesia, List of Garuda Indonesia destinations

Planned good article nominations: Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020 video game), QuarantineChat, Kualanamu International Airport, Medan, Rudy Habibie, Commonwealth MRT station, Ampun Bang Jago, Living in the Age of Airplanes, One Six Right, Brian J. Terwilliger, To Fly!, Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens, Rebuilding Paradise

Current good article nominations:

Planned articles: Architecture of Latvia, List of Microsoft Flight Simulator video games

For more FA, FL, and GA to-do lists, see User:Gerald Waldo Luis/records.

4 articles
  Kualanamu International Airport
  Kualanamu Airport Rail Link
  Kualanamu International Airport railway station
  Medan–Kualanamu–Tebing Tinggi Toll Road
9 articles
  Bumilangit Cinematic Universe
  Sri Asih
  Gundala the Son of Lightning
  Patriot Taruna: Virgo and the Sparklings
  Godam & Tira
  The Blind of the Phantom Cave: Angel's Eyes
  Mandala: The Devil's Sword
16 articles
  Garuda Indonesia
  GMF AeroAsia
  Sriwijaya Air
  List of Garuda Indonesia destinations
  Garuda Indonesia Flight 708
  Garuda Indonesia Flight 150
  Garuda Indonesia Flight 206
  Garuda Indonesia Flight 035
  Sriwijaya Air Flight 62
  Garuda Indonesia Flight 865
  Garuda Indonesia Flight 152
  Garuda Indonesia Flight 421
  Garuda Indonesia Flight 200
  Sriwijaya Air Flight 182
3 articles
  Brian J. Terwilliger
  One Six Right
  Living in the Age of Airplanes


A place to store all my service awards and barnstars, and other wikiLove.

Service awards
Level Awards Received on (ICT) Page that gave award

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This editor is a Signator and is entitled to display this Scroll of Signatures.
24 May 2020 Gundala (film)
This editor is a Burba and is entitled to display this First Book of Wikipedia.
28 June 2020 World Scholar's Cup
This editor is an
Apprentice Editor
and is entitled to display this Service Badge.
24 August 2020 Draft:Spiral Framework
This editor is a
Journeyman Editor
and is entitled to display this Service Badge.
24 October 2020 List of airlines impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic
This editor is a
Yeoman Editor
and is entitled to display this Service Badge.
24 May 2021 Final Fantasy IX
No. Badge Given by Page that gave barnstar (if available)
  The Minor Barnstar
As I AWB through COVID-19 articles, I notice very few {{orphan}} and {{underlinked}} tags going up. Having articles that link to each other well may seem minor, hence my choice of barnstar, but I've noticed that having articles that are well-linked to each other tends to increase the quality of said articles. This particular correlation means that well-linked articles are a bigger deal than people sometimes think. Everyone actively participating in this Wikiproject, particularly the wikilink gnomes, deserves a barnstar. I dream of horses (Contribs) Please notify me after replying off my talk page. Thank you. 07:12, 9 September 2020 (UTC)
I dream of horses Wikipedia:WikiProject COVID-19 (participation)
  The Editor's Barnstar
Thank you for the huge amount of work you put into the Plandemic article! It was greatly improved by your steady hand. Robincantin (talk) 15:16, 7 October 2020 (UTC)
Robincantin Plandemic
  The Original Barnstar
For having a really good userpage a gd fan (talk) 20:37, 25 October 2020 (UTC)
GeometryDashFan12 User:Gerald Waldo Luis
  Many thanks for your overhaul on Draft:Malinda Kathleen Reese! Here is some tea to show my appreciation. Mojo0306 (talk) 20:03, 28 October 2020 (UTC)
Mojo0306 Draft:Malinda Kathleen Reese
  The Userpage Barnstar
By the authority vested in me by myself it gives me great pleasure to present you with this barnstar in recognition of your classy and engrossing user page. I am sure that I am only one of very many who have spent an enjoyable fifteen minutes browsing through it. Gog the Mild (talk) 20:52, 28 November 2020 (UTC)
Gog the Mild User:Gerald Waldo Luis
  Order of the LAX Airport
For your welcoming spirit, I, TheLAXPlanespotter, hereby award you the Order of the LAX Airport, the highest award given only to those who truly go beyond in the field of aviation, bestowed upon by The LAXPlanespotter Council of Awards. Thank you for your contributions! TheLAXPlanespotter (talk) 20:44, 8 December 2020 (UTC)
  Order of the LAX Airport
For your welcoming atmosphere, I hereby confer upon you the Order of the LAX Airport, the highest award bestowed upon Wikipedians under the directive of TheLAXPlanespotter Awards Council. Enjoy your time in the spotlight and thanks for your contributions! -That person that you responded to in my talkpage TheLAXPlanespotter (talk) 20:56, 8 December 2020 (UTC)
TheLAXPlanespotter User talk:TheLAXPlanespotter
  Congrats dude! The article you were working on, Ave Maryam, has passed the GA-criteria, becoming a good article on February 1, 2021.  Great job on the improvements! For you're hard work, I award you this interesting image of a dog. Enjoy!
Some Dude From North Carolinawanna talk? 00:59, 1 February 2021 (UTC)
Some Dude From North Carolina Talk:Ave Maryam/GA1


Space Shuttle Endeavour. To whoever photographed this: you have made a person immersed to photography.
  1. ^ The suffix '90x' is taken from the Boeing 777X's green engine GE9X, which some misspelled it as 'GE90X.' Having the prefix 'GE' also being my name's 'prefix,' I decided to make my usernames 'gerald.90x.' In some instances, the dot is changed with the dash because they won't allow using dots.
  2. ^ I am available at the community Discord under 'gerald.90x.'
  3. ^ My first time being a Wikipedian isn't on that day, it was on May 24. Thus, I would consider May 24 my birthday being a Wikipedian and December 12 my birthday logged in to Wikipedia.


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  4. ^ Rosenzweig, Roy (2018). "Wikipedia: Credible Research Source or Not?". Retrieved November 14, 2020. Wikipedia should not be used as a credible source (especially as they enter college), even though some of the information is factually accurate. [...] Jimmy Wales [even stated], "No, I don't think people should cite it, and I don't think people should cite Britannica, either... People shouldn't be citing encyclopedias in the first place. Wikipedia and other encyclopedias should...give good, solid background information to inform your studies for a deeper level."
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