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This is a modified version of the Kingboyk's plugin for AutoWikiBrowser, which can create the category tree for WP1.0 assessments. It was developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition.



  • - 10/13/09 - Fixed bug after an AWB update, 4902
  • - 05/26/09 - Fixed MissingMethodException bug after an AWB update.
  • - 12/23/08 - Fixed bug related to the skip non-existent pages check box
  • - 06/21/08 - Added sort keys
  • - 06/19/08 - Create assessment categories for WP1.0. Ability to do category intersections. Can handle Priority or Importance.


  • Copy the DLL to the AWB folder
  • Start AWB
  • Select Plugins - WPAssessmentsCatCreatorPlugin
  • WikiProject name - Wikipedia:WikiProject <Project Name>
  • Template Name - Template Name without the Template: prefix
  • WikiProject abbreviation - For use within category name, For example: FA-Class <abbreviation> articles.
  • WikiProject category - Enter the parent category for the assessment categories (without the Category: prefix).
  • Parent project name - For use with taskforces. It will add the parent category. Leave empty for root projects.
  • Options - Track priority or importance - Check if used.
  • Options - Priority or Importance
  • Options - Category Intersection - Check if Class and Importance intersection categories need to be created.
  • Classes supported - Check the classes supported by the project banner.
  • Click OK
  • Click Start to start the process.


To doEdit

  • Add "needing attention" category