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About meEdit

I was born on the 13th of August, 1991 in Mexico City, Mexico. I've lived there ever since, and have no plans of leaving for the time being.

I usually describe myself as an intelligent and open-minded person; this means I'm not a racist, so if you belong to any "social minority" you can talk to me and receive a kind answer. I'm also willing to hear any kind of reasonable opinion, recommendation or idea that may help our world (or at least my user page) move forward. Finally, my friends and I are aware that "egocentric", "jealous" and "childish" are all terms that tend to describe me, but, after all, I believe I'm a good person.


I finished high school in May 2009 without knowing what studies would I pursue in college, so I decided to take a time off. Finding nothing else to do for the next two years, I started learning as many languages as I could, including German, the language I love the most. Not only I started learning as a task, but as a hobby instead. At the end, this would drag me into my final decision, and on 8 August, 2011 I began my studies in Germanistics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

But why would I want to learn so many languages? Well, the actual answer is, I realised most of the people around me spoke at least a third language other than English: French, German, Italian... But none of them spoke them altogether. I really needed something useful, something I would love to do and something to brag about, and I had found it.


I have a wide taste on music, ranging from bubblegum pop commercial singles to the most intrincate underground avant-garde fifteen-minute recordings.

In 1997 I received a Yamaha PSR-78 piano keyboard as a Christmas present and, unwilling to take lessons, I started playing: day after day, month after month and year after year having.

In 2004, and about to give up, Keane's debut album Hopes and Fears came out. For me, it was a magical record. I listened to every single detail; first the melody, then every chord. I wasn't easy, but it sounded better and better every time. I just needed their little push. It took me nearly eight years to actually accomplish something, but I did, and I only wish I could thank them for that. They are my abiding favourite band.

I am not a professional pianist, and I can't even read sheet music, but I can play the music that makes me happy, and that's all I ever asked for.


Automobiles have guided my whole life. I'm a sharp collector of toy cars, die-cast models and Automóvil Panamericano, the best Mexican automobile enthusiast magazine. And I love driving. Even if it's against the law, I'm proud to say I've reached 215 Km/h on a Mexican highway :D


Whenever I think about writing I spend most of the time repeating inside my mind how will every single word sound when attached to the rest. Countless golden hours have passed me by while trying to indite one simple line, just before realising that I have forgotten what I was to write about.
Somehow, in the end, it is always something neat.

Death is nothing but a life's eclipse.

My favorite books (by author)Edit



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My 1:18 die-cast collectionEdit


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