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BirthplaceAkita, Japan
ResidenceTokyo, Japan
Birthday29 July 1987
Names in
(in French) Romain
(in Spanish) Juan
(in Chinese) 許瑞陽

FerencHsu802 (born on 29 July 1987 in Akita) is a japanese university student who studied the international relations and languages in Nagasaki, who then moved to Tokyo, and also a fresh wikipedian eager to contribute to this world.

Message from FerencHsu802Edit

Hello everyone. My name is FerencHsu802, of course this is a nickname. I'm a Japanese university student since April 2006, and I've been a wikipedian since the 21th Oct 2004. I'm hardly active on the English Wikipedia currently, however, I'm going to work as well as on the other languages' Wikipedia.

I was born and raised in Akita, Japan. While I was a high school student, I lived in Germany for an year as an exchange student. Now I came back to Japan and continue to live here, but in the future I'm considering to work abroad. If it were possible, I'd like to work in an European country or Taiwan. Above all, I want to trip to a lot of countries; I've ever been to Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and South Korea so far.

I'm mostly contributing to the Japanese and German Wikipedia. In Korean Wikipedia I have an account in the name of woozifikr.

As a matter of fact, my English isn't perfect yet. Personally I prefer British English, but don't worry, I won't limit anyone's visiting. Please don't hesitate to communicate with me and correct my mistakes, all your advices and corrections are welcome. If you've found them, you can write them down on my talk page.

I'm interested in...Edit

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, etc.

Linguistics: Pronunciation, Grammar, Etymology, Archaism, Dialect, etc.

Geograpy: Europe, East Asia, South America, etc.

Politics: Diplomacy, National Security, Form of Government, Constitution, Democracy, etc.

History: Japanese History(Asuka , Nara and Heian period), Chinese History(Tang, Yuan and Ming Dynasty), Korean History(Three Kingdoms of Korea and Goguryeo), Modern history in the East asia, etc.

Migration: Asian migrants, Migrants in Europe, Neonazi, etc.

Society: Workers' Situation, Criminology, Death penalty, Mass Media, etc.

My contributions for the english wikipediaEdit

New articlesEdit

Su (surname)

Edited articlesEdit

John So