Hello world!

Oh yes I know: I'm an idiot.

But I'm a proud idiot who have actually given it some personal effort and I have almost reached a sort of intellectual idiocy. (And of course my life is completely independent of football-teams, I'm not that kind of idiot. I'm not a really stupid idiot, I'm just a common one! And one with a functioning brain: Well, compared to... If football[1] enhances your thinking, well, then...)


  1. ^ And by "football" I of course mean a game in which the players use their feet and a ball that is spherical (i.e. round) and tries to score goals by getting the mentioned spherical ball into the goal and not above it. Thus I do not mean some perverted form of rugby, which is far worse than real football to your brain, your life, your society - look what happened in USA, they elected Donald T. Rump as president, and why? Ignorance is why, and americans is the most ignorant people on this planet compared to GDP per capita. And why? Because ignorance goes hand in hand with greed, nationalism, prejudice and religion.).