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DescriptionPerforms deletion sorting.
UpdatedJuly 10, 2021; 11 months ago (2021-07-10)
Browser supportFirefox, Chrome
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A userscript to perform deletion sorting.

Installation instructionsEdit

Hint: It's much easier if you get ScriptInstaller, then navigate to User:EnterpriseyBot/delsort.js and click "Install" at the top.

However, here's the manual method:

  1. Place {{subst:lusc|User:EnterpriseyBot/delsort.js}} on Special:MyPage/common.js or Special:MyPage/skin.js.
  2. Enjoy!


When you're on a deletion discussion page, go to the "More ▼" menu at the top of your screen. You should see an option labeled "Delsort". Click on it, and you'll be able to select a category and list the discussion with the click of another button.


AFDC categories can be changed using the radio buttons on the left.

Regular categoriesEdit

I've added some frequently-used categories (specifically, the ones that appear in the FWDS dropdown) to the field at the top. To select these, click on the text field that says "Select a deletion sorting category" and select the category you want. Multiple categories can be selected.

You can add more categories to the list by editing Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Computer-readable.json.

Custom categoriesEdit

For categories not listed in the field at the top, you should click the "Add custom" link. A text field will appear in which you can type the name of the category. Click the "refresh" icon ( ) next to the text field to check if what you wrote is a valid category.


Customize the way this script watches delsort pages! Delsort pages are pages like Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Film. Put the following line somewhere in your common.js:

window.delsortWatchlist = "PREFERENCE";

where PREFERENCE can be one of four options:

  • watch: always watchlist delsort pages when you list a discussion on them
  • unwatch: always remove delsort pages (that you edit) from your watchlist
  • preferences: follow whatever's set in your preferences at Preferences → Watchlist
  • nochange (the default): don't change your watchlist (with regards to delsort pages)


Pull requests welcome at the GitHub repository for this script.

This script reads the list of delsort categories from Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Computer-readable.json.

See alsoEdit

{{User wikipedia/delsort}}, a userbox indicating an editor uses delsort