Welcome to my userpage uwu.

I create articles on a lot of topics, based off of my interests. I also like to clean-up and standardize things, such as categories and templates. If you'd like my help with anything, feel free to ask.


This is a list of some of the things I've done around here. This not a comprehensive list, for more information see Special:Contributions/Elli and commons:Special:Contributions/Elli.

Articles createdEdit

Note: this also includes articles which I expanded from redirects. Per WP:OWN, I don't claim ownership of these articles — and some have been expanded significantly by others.


  1. Changed {{cite tweet}} to automatically calculate the date of cited tweets using Module:TwitterSnowflake, and output an error if the calculated date is different from the provided |date= parameter.
  2. Unified United States presidential election imagemaps (since 1960) with Template:United States presidential election imagemap.
  3. Unified gubernatorial and Senate election imagemaps with Template:US elections imagemap, and created a significant amount of relevant imagemaps.
  4. Working on automatically applying {{Wikidata redirect}} with {{redirect category shell}} – the whole situation with those templates is a mess, though.

Project pagesEdit

  1. Wikipedia:WikiProject Elections and Referendums/USA Legend Colors
  2. Wikipedia:Redlink examples
  3. Wikipedia:Selfie

User pagesEdit

  1. User:Elli/notes miscellaneous notes
  2. User:Elli/trackingredirects a list of tracking redirects
  3. User:Elli/DYKQPQ DYKs I've reviewed
  4. User:Elli/Complete list an essay on redirects beginning with "Complete list"
  5. User:Elli/rcat standardization attempting to standardize automatic application of redirect categories
  6. User:Elli/respect infrequently-updated, non-comprehensive list of people I have significant respect for on here


See my userpage at Commons for more information. I enjoy making election results maps, if you'd like to request one, feel free.


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Feel free to contact me off-wiki. I'm active on Discord, though I change my username often, so feel free to leave me a request on my talk and I will tell you what it currently is.


I'm anti-copyright and any of my contributions are available to use under public domain, with or without any attribution. However, this does not apply to edits made by anyone else, nor to many images I upload (either to Wikipedia under fair use, or to Commons under their original license). Any images I've created for Commons are public domain, though, in addition to the license they may be tagged as there.


I'm an imperfect editor. In full transparency, I try to list the dumb things I've done here. If you find more, feel free to trout me.

Pages I should not have made that got deletedEdit

  • That Wikipedia List – bad idea for a disambiguation page
  • Ashton Pittman – I created the article thinking the person was notable. He wasn't really, but I didn't wanna give up after I wrote it. I G7'd it once someone PROD'd it, I can recognize my mistakes
  • hopefully not any others?


  • Wasting multiple hours editing a draft of a page for r/IAmA before realizing such a page already existed
  • Categories on templates – I wasn't as careful as I should've been, and accidentally transcluded categories onto thousands of pages. Waiting for the category cache to be cleared was quite painful.