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I, Edmundwoods, live in Ipoh city, Perak Darul Ridzuan state, in Malaysia. I studied in a Chinese primary school and Chinese Independant Secondary School. I have taken PTS (1998), UPSR (2001), PMR (2004), GCE 'O' Level (2006), Senior UEC (2007) and SPM (2007). Then from March 2008 to June 2008 I worked in a learning disability centre (where we give training to mentally disabled people from 7 to 25, such as Down's Syndrome, autistic, cerebral palsy, Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome, ADHD, ... and since 8 June 2008 I entered Multimedia University in Cyberjaya, doing Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Engineering), until I found no interest and withdrew at 30 January 2009.

My Wikipedia experienceEdit

I can't remember how did I start to see Wikipedia. Then I had a negative impression on Wikipedia, as I found that ANYONE CAN EDIT ANY PAGE.

Then this year, my classmate, who is also a friend of mine, recommended me to read the Wikipedia page about the word "fuck". I read it, and I started to search around for informations on Wikipedia. I hope I can be a Wikipedian for my whole life. Next time, if I'm rich, I will donate a lot of money to Wikipedia. I love Wikipedia.

I was an administrator in the Malay Wikipedia. You may ask me things about the Malay Wikipedia.

My hope for WikipediaEdit

I hope that there will be an integration programme for all Wikipedias of mutually intelligible languages, so that speakers of "different languages" will share the same informations. For instance, I would like to see integration of Urdu and Hindi Wikipedia, integration of Malay and Indonesian Wikipedia, integration of English and Simple English Wikipedia, integration of Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbo-Croatian and Montenegrin (if there will be) Wikipedia.

My Wikipedia collection of vandalismsEdit

These vandalisms really make me laugh!

Edmund LabsEdit

/Project Infobox Malaysian School

Do you know?Edit

  The Soviet Union was a sockpuppeteer
Please read the history of Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact and Eastern Bloc
  The Byelorussian SSR's UN membership was a sockpuppet from Soviet Union
Please read the history of the Byelorussian SSR
  The Ukrainian SSR's UN membership was a sockpuppet from Soviet Union
Please read the history of the Ukrainian SSR
  The People's Republic of Bulgaria was a sockpuppet from Soviet Union
Please read the history of Communist Bulgaria
  Czechoslovakia was a sockpuppet from Soviet Union
Please read the history of Communist Czechoslovakia
  The German Democratic Republic, which was also called East Germany, was a sockpuppet from Soviet Union
Please read the history of East Germany
  The People's Republic of Hungary was a sockpuppet from Soviet Union
Please read the history of the People's Republic of Hungary
  The People's Republic of Poland was a sockpuppet from Soviet Union
Please read the history of postwar Communist Poland
  The People's Republic of Romania was a sockpuppet from Soviet Union
Please read the history of the Communist Romania
  The Eastern Bloc was a sockpuppet from Soviet Union
Please read the article on Eastern Bloc

My favorite internal linksEdit






Help:Special page

My toolsEdit


  • {{subst:uw-vandalism1|PageName}} ~~~~ (unintentional vandalism/test)
  • {{subst:uw-delete1|PageName}} ~~~~ (unintentional removal of content)
  • {{subst:uw-vandalism2|PageName}} ~~~~ (suitable for nonsense)
  • {{subst:uw-delete2|PageName}} ~~~~ (variant for removal of content)
  • {{subst:uw-vandalism3|PageName}} ~~~~ (please stop)
  • {{subst:uw-delete3|PageName}} ~~~~ (please stop removing content)
  • {{subst:uw-vandalism4|PageName}} ~~~~ (last warning)
  • {{subst:uw-delete4|PageName}} ~~~~ (last warning for removing content)

See additional templates and examples of output

Request for deletionEdit

Why is it so troublesome in English Wikipedia!? In Malay Wikipedia, you can just simply put {{hapus}} which means "Destroy". That's so f***ing easy!

Speedy deletionEdit


Request for article deletionEdit

{{subst:prod|reason}}: Substitute the word "reason" with my own reason of deleting the article.
{{Db-nonsense}}: Nonsense article.

Request for template deletionEdit

{{db-repost}} for previously deleted then recreated template.
{{db-author}} to ask to destroy my own creation.
Or else, read WP:TFD#How_to_use_this_page.

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