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Hello, and welcome to my user page! I love to help other people, which is exactly the reason I joined Wikipedia. If you would like to help me, however, head over to my talk page! Also, if you need help with anything, you can also head over to my talk page! However, if you are just here to read my user page, that's nice of you. Please continue reading, bore yourself to death, and learn a bit about me in the process! (note: I am not responsible for any damaging of property due to the reading of my user page, talk page, or any of the subpages of my user page)


Information about me:Edit

I am an aviation enthusiast that has been working in that field for quite some time. I helped design part of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and I hope to learn how to fly one day. As you can see from my Userboxes section, I also contribute from home on my Mac Pro. I joined Wikipedia on November 26, 2016 in order to improve an expansive selection of articles and help many different users. I will not state my political views on Wikipedia, as I do not want to turn ¨many different users¨ into haters ;)
If you have anything to say to me, inform me about, spam me with, or talk to me about, I highly suggest talking it over with me on my talk page before you take any further action. It's not necessary, but I certainly would appreciate it if you did. Thanks, and have a great day/week/year/life/whatever!

Today's motto: Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you don't believe is right.

My political views:Edit

Just kidding! See the "information about me" section if you haven´t already.

My editing styles:Edit

I enjoy using the visual editing tool when editing Wikipedia. I also moniter the articles that need easy cleanup page to make Wikipedia a better place.However, the source editing tool is useful sometimes, too, such as when linking articles, inserting images, and signing talk page posts! —Editor 357 (TalkContributions) 13:22, 9 December 2016 (UTC)

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