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"What we won't do is pretend that the work of lunatic charlatans is the equivalent of "true scientific discourse." It isn't." ~ Jimbo Wales
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Hello. My name is Elliott. I'm a designer and artist living in Shanghai, China. I enjoy contributing to Wikipedia and have started some articles. I've edited Wikipedia for about three years now. In terms of experience, I'm an intermediate User. I have basic knowledge of article creation, editing processes, policy and dispute mediation. I have had an article approved through the Articles for Creation (AfC) process and consider this to be a useful process, even for registered users, to get to grips with the basic requirements for articles.

Advice and suggestions are more than welcome on my talk page. Use this link to navigate to my Chinese Wikipedia user page.


Based on the wiki- platform, Wikistan, meaning “Wiki” - a Hawaiian word for quick, and “-stan” - from Persian, meaning the land of, is is a plan in the offing where interested Wikipedians can come and write their own laws for an open system of government in a country whose borders have not yet been defined. In true Wikipedian style, the policies by which Wikistan is governed are based on consensus through discussion, with the actual laws being subject to various levels of protection where required. A country with open borders, anyone who cares to create an account and edit can be considered a citizen. It is yet to be decided whether neglecting to follow policy will result in exile, but it’s certainly on the table for discussion.

Wikistan will be an outwardly peaceful society. Human beings are prone to bickering, and as seasoned users here will understand, Wikipedia is no exception to this weakness. Its editors are just as inclined toward conflict as any other large group of people committed to a sprawling task. The strength of our project lies in being able to take this (sometimes hair raising) stream of disgruntled cantankering and turn it into a relatively innocuous supplement to one’s bookshelf. This strength, with regard to organizing a peaceful society, is not to be overlooked. Bulwer-Lytton’s adage, “the pen is mightier than the sword”, holds true only if through open publishing, those who are standing on the wrong ends of swords have a chance to point out how they feel about them. Perhaps (murkying the metaphor further somewhat) if the people belabored by those same swords can directly contribute to consensus regarding their potential repurposing as ploughshares we will end up living in a fairly benign place.

Those interested in becoming citizens, especially those who have knowledge of server maintenance, should contact me on my talk page.

Many thanks Edaham (talk) 15:06, 13 September 2018 (UTC)


"I can only believe in things which aren't true; if they were “true” I’d know them instead" EH '07

My drafts and subpagesEdit

Most of these pages are just sandboxes and testing areas for markup etc, listed here for quick viewing and easy access by myself and others. If I ever create any actual useful content (Todo) I will put it in tabs at top.

Tools and ResourcesEdit

Helpful pages on Wikipedia content and tools for editing.

Page curationEdit

Page curation tools to be used when reviewing pages from the NPP lists

Suggested: Open each of these links as tabs in a separate window when curating pages - cross reference each page with CSD, NPP flow chart.

Use the RATER tool on each reviewed talk page
Use ReFill on each new page before passing a page without tagging for improvements
Common templates - use the page curation tool bar where poss
Copyright Violation
    • {{subst:Copyvio}} Copyright violation
    • {{copyvio}}: replaces the page with a copyright violation banner
    • {{db-copyvio}}: tags a copyright violation page for speedy deletion
    • {{copy-paste}}: adds notice to a page that the contents may be a copyright violation
    • {{copyvioel}}: places a banner that the page may contain external links to copyright violations
    • {{copyvio link}}: inline citation to tag a specific external link which may go to a copyright violation
    • {{Copyright violation}}: inline citation to tag a specific sentence that may contain a copyright violation
    • {{cclean}}: template used on talk page to provide notice of removed copyrighted content
    • {{copyvio-revdel}}: template used on article page to request Revision deletion of portions of an article's history (see template documentation)
    • {{Uw-copyright}}: template used on contributor talk page to alert to removal (not tagged deletion) of copyrighted text
    • {{Uw-copyright-new}}: welcome message with detailed copyright information for inexperienced contributors of copyrighted text
    • {{Uw-copying}}: template used on contributor talk page to alert to process for copying content from one Wikipedia article to another

Page cleanupEdit

  • reFill - use this template 'Cleanup-bare URLs' to edit bare refs

=== Vandalism and page alerts ===4

Questions and general info for new usersEdit

Articles I've CreatedEdit

Biographical articlesEdit

Interior Design Biographies StartedEdit

These biographies on interior designers are started with the aim of broadening the depth of information related to interior design on Wikipedia. I am starting them as kick off points and hope that they are notable enough to be expanded by people knowledgeable on the subject. As well as help with the expansion and copy editing, as a beginner editor on wikipedia I would very much appreciate help from people who can assist me with sourcing images, which are of great worth to this subject, without infringing Wikipedia's copyright standards. They are listed below in order of their creation and in general, more recently created articles are more likely to be in need of expansion and editing.
-Find areas on pages which can appropriately link to these articles once verified as being notable.
-Successfuly add an image to one of these articles and have it verified as being acceptable.
-Red links are articles for creation.


Other Biographies StartedEdit

Anthropology articlesEdit

Other workEdit

External LinksEdit

External links or useful links to articles I intend to create

Categories and BadgesEdit



Thanks Edaham for reviewing the END SARS page. Let's continue to work on it and make it better. Kabusa16 (talk) 17:03, 2 January 2018 (UTC)