EarwigBot is a bot operated by The Earwig, written in Python. The bot handles a wide variety of tasks, many for WikiProject Articles for creation. A full list can be found below. Its source code is published (with separate plugins). Please direct any questions about this bot or its operation to my talk page.

The bot's userspace contains some content related to my copyvio detector tool, which formerly ran as a part of the bot. See User:EarwigBot/Copyvios.


Task Name Status Source? Shutoff Description
1 AfC copyvio bot BRFA (Done) Yes Done (Start) Reported possible copyright violations in Articles for creation submissions (formerly to User:EarwigBot/AfC copyvios, later with {{AfC suspected copyvio}}). Replaced by a web tool.
2 AfC statistics bot BRFA (Ongoing) Yes Running (Stop) Updates Wikipedia:WikiProject Articles for creation/Statistics hourly, featuring pending and recently declined or accepted submissions.
3 AfC category maintenance bot BRFA (Ongoing) Yes Running (Stop) Creates daily, monthly, and yearly categories at Category:AfC submissions by date. Runs daily at midnight UTC, creating categories three days in advance.
4 {{WikiProject Russian History}} removal BRFA (Done) No Done (Start) Removed duplicate instances of {{WikiProject Russian History}}, per this BOTREQ.
5 Category:Undated AfC submissions cleanup BRFA (Ongoing) Yes Running (Stop) Timestamps pages in Category:Undated AfC submissions to clear the category. Runs weekly on Sundays. (Task 7 has been merged into this task.)
6 WP:USPE WikiProject Tagging BRFA (Done) No Done (Start) Tagged articles that were within the scope of WikiProject Presidential Elections with {{WikiProject United States presidential elections}}.
8 AfC category delinking BRFA (Ongoing) Yes Running (Stop) Delinks mainspace categories (and templates transcluding categories) from pages in Category:Declined AfC submissions. Runs weekly on Mondays.
9 Wrong MIME type tagging BRFA (Done) No Done (Start) Tagged files whose extensions did not agree with their MIME types with {{rename media}}. Made unnecessary as MediaWiki now requires file extensions to match their MIME types.
10 {{DYK talk}} deprecation BRFA (Done) No Done (Start) Merged {{DYK talk}} into {{ArticleHistory}}.
11 {{catmore}} replacement BRFA (Withdrawn) No Stopped (Start) Would have replaced transclusions of {{main}} in the category namespace with {{catmore}}.
12 BLP tagging BRFA (Ongoing) Yes Running (Stop) Adds |blp=yes to {{WPBS}} on talk pages of living people when necessary. It runs weekly on Tuesdays.
13 Image display resizing BRFA (Done) Yes Done (Start) Corrected upscaled portraits in {{Infobox person}}. Made unnecessary by improved image handling in infoboxes and MediaWiki.
14 WikiProject tagging BRFA (Ongoing) Yes Running (Stop) Tags talk pages of articles with WikiProject banners by request. All tagging runs are started manually, and require consensus from the WikiProject. Both lists of pages and list of categories (subcategories included or not included) can be tagged. The bot also has the option of auto-assessing the banner it is adding based on other banners on the talk page. Request at User talk:The Earwig.
15 {{Infobox criminal}} parameter renaming BRFA (Done) No Done (Start) Replaced deprecated parameters in {{Infobox criminal}}.
16 Book-related WikiProject notification BRFA (Done) No Done (Start) Notified WikiProjects with Wikipedia Books about recent book modifications.
17 {{Infobox ship image}} cleanup BRFA (Done) No Done (Start) Removed File:No Photo Available.svg from {{Infobox ship image}}.
18 FEED daily page creation BRFA (Done) No Done (Start) Created daily pages for WP:FEED, like Wikipedia:Requests for feedback/2010 July 2, before the project was shut down.
19 DRN clerk bot BRFA (Done) Yes Done (Start) Carried out clerking tasks for the dispute resolution noticeboard (managing the {{DR case status}} template, leaving notices (with {{DRN-notice}} and {{DRN stale notice}}) as cases develop, and updating {{DRN case status}}).
20 {{Infobox station}} merging BRFA (Done) Yes Done (Start) Replaced {{Infobox China station}} and {{Infobox Japan station}} with {{Infobox station}} following two template discussions (China, Japan) and a previous BRFA.
  1. Conception means that the bot hasn't been fully designed yet, and I am currently unsure of how the end product will function.
  2. Coding means that the bot is already past the concept phase, and the code is being written.
  3. BRFA means that the bot has been coded, and is pending approval before it begins its task.
  4. Withdrawn means that the bot was never approved, because I withdrew it due to specific reasons (see the bot's BRFA).
  5. Done means that the bot is approved, and has completed its task.
  6. Ongoing means that the bot has an ongoing task and has been coded/approved, but will never be technically 'done'.