My name is Dudley Miles and I live in Finchley, London. I received a PhD for my biography of Francis Place, published in 1988.

I have been editing Wikipedia since 2006 and my main interest is Anglo-Saxon history. My other interests include human evolution and geologic periods.

I have previously worked on nature reserves and I have created articles about all Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Local Nature Reserves and Wildlife Trust nature reserves, in Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, East Sussex, Essex, Greater London, Hertfordshire, Kent, Leicestershire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Rutland, Suffolk, Surrey and West Sussex, which did not already have articles, and photographed all sites in these counties (apart from a few inaccessible SSSIs) which did not already have photos on Commons.

Articles created edit

Historical edit

Ælfwynn, wife of Æthelstan Half-King
Æthelmær the Stout
Æthelstan A
Agnes Jane Robertson
Ancestry of the Godwins
Battle of the Conwy
Battle of Hingston Down
Battle of the Holme
Bentley Priory
Cambridge History of Britain
Cyril Roy Hart
Danish Camp
Dish-bearers and butlers in Anglo-Saxon England
Down Barns Moated Site
Ealdred of Bamburgh
Eadwulf Cudel
Eadwulf III of Bamburgh
Eric John
H. P. R. Finberg
Herman the Archdeacon
Hermeneutic style
Israel the Grammarian
John of London
Michael Spender
Nicholas of Worcester
Nicholas Seagrave
Sigeric II of Essex
St Oswald's Priory, Gloucester
Port Saint Symeon
Stephen of La Ferté
Totternhoe Roman villa

Archaeology and geology edit

Grantham Formation
Marine Isotope Stage 9
Mutual Climatic Range
Lincolnshire Limestone (England)

Places and rivers edit

Bonesgate Stream
Letcombe Brook
Punta Allen
River Oughton
St Mary's Church, Hendon

Artists edit

Francis Cleyn
William Peake

Tennis players edit

May Jacks

Organisations edit

Greenspace Information for Greater London
London Ecology Unit
SSSIs, nature reserves and parks

SSSIs, nature reserves and parks

Abbey Wood, Flixton
Abbey Wood SSSI
Abbotts Hall Farm
Abington Meadows
Adderbury Lakes
Adur Estuary
Ainslie Wood
Albans Wood
Alde-Ore Estuary
Alde Mudflats
Aldeburgh Brick Pit
Aldeburgh Hall Pit
Alder Carr
Alder Wood and Meadow
Alderford Common
Alderman Canal East
Alderman Canal West
Aldwincle Marsh
Alex Farm Pastures
Alkham, Lydden and Swingfield Woods
Allexton Wood
Alpine Meadow, Berkhamsted
Alresford Pond
Altar Stones Nature Reserve
Amberley Mount to Sullington Hill
Ambersham Common
Ambley Wood
Amwell Quarry
Ant Broads and Marshes
Anton Crescent Wetland
Anton Lakes
Appleton Lower Common
Ardleigh Gravel Pit
Ardley Cutting and Quarry
Arkley Lane and Pastures
Arkley South Field
Arncott Bridge Meadows
Arrandene Open Space and Featherstone Hill
Arun Banks
Arundel Park
Ashdon Meadows
Ashdown Park
Ashenground and Bolnore Woods
Ashford Community Woodland
Ashford Green Corridors
Ashford Hill Woods and Meadows
Ashford Warren and Hoads Wood
Ashley Lane (Hendon)
Ash Ranges
Ashridge Commons and Woods
Ashton Wold
Ashwell Quarry and Quarry Springs
Aslacton Parish Land
Aspal Close
Aston Clinton Ragpits
Aston Rowant Woods
Aston Upthorpe Downs
Aubrey Buxton Nature Reserve
Avenue House Grounds
Aversley Wood
Avon Valley (Bickton to Christchurch):Aylesford Pit
Bacombe and Coombe Hills
Badby Wood
Badley Moor
Badsaddle, Withmale Park and Bush Walk Woods
Balls Wood
Balsham Wood
Banhaw, Spring and Blackthorn's Woods
Bangrove Wood, Ixworth
Bardon Hill Quarry
Barfield Allotments Nature Park
Barford Wood and Meadows
Barnham Heath
Barking Woods
Barkway Chalk Pit
Barnes Meadow
Barnet Countryside Centre
Barnet Gate Wood
Barnett's Wood
Barnham Cross Common
Barnsbury Wood
Barnwell East
Barnwell West
Barossa nature reserve
Barrington Chalk Pit
Barrington Pit
Barrow Gravel Pits
Barton Mills Valley
Basildon Meadows
Basing Hill Park
Bassenhally Pit
Baty's Marsh
Batford Springs
Bath Hills
Bawdsey Cliff
Bawsey SSSI
Bay Pond
Beacon Hill, East Sussex
Beacon Hill, Hangingstone and Outwoods
Beam Valley Country Park
Bear, Oveys and Great Bottom Woods
Beckton District Park North
Beckton District Park South
Bedelands Farm Nature Reserve
Bedfont Lakes Country Park
Beeding Hill to Newtimber Hill
Beeston Cliffs
Beetley and Hoe Meadows
Belcher's and Broadfield Woods
Bellenden Road Nature Garden
Belmont Open Space, Cockfosters
Belmont Pastures
Belton Hills
Belsize Wood
Benfield Hill
Benfleet and Southend Marshes
Benington High Wood
Bernwood Meadows
Bierton Clay Pit
Benscliffe Wood
Bentley Priory Nature Reserve
Bentley Station Meadow
Bere Mill Meadows
Berengrave Chalk Pit
Berrick Trench
Berry Fen
Betchworth Quarry and Lime Kilns
Bethune Park
Bevendean Down
Billa Barra Hill
Birch Spinney and Mawsley Marsh
Birdbrook Road Nature Reserve
Birstall Meadows
Bishop's Meadow
Bishopstone Cliffs
Bishops Waltham Branch LNR
Bisley and West End Commons
Bittacy Hill Park
Blackborough End Pit
Black Bourn Valley
Blackwater Valley
Blagrove Common
Blake's Wood & Lingwood Common
Blanchman's Farm
Blenheim Farm
Blenheim Park
Blindley Heath SSSI
Blisworth Rectory Farm Quarry
Blondin Park
Blow's Down
Blue House Farm
Blunts Wood and Paiges Meadow
Bobbits Lane
Bobbitshole, Belstead
Bocking Blackwater
Boddington Meadow
Bognor Common Quarry
Bognor Reef
Boldre Foreshore
Bolter End Sand Pit
Bonemills Hollow
Bonesgate Open Space
Bonny Wood
Booton Common
Bosworth Mill Meadow
Botcheston Bog
Botley Wood and Everett's and Mushes Copses
Bough Beech Reservoir
Boughton Fen
Bourne Alder Carr
Bourne Park Reed Beds
Bovingdon Hall Woods
Bowthorpe Marsh
Boxley Warren
Bozeat Meadow
Brackland Rough
Bradenham Woods, Park Wood and The Coppice
Bradgate Park and Cropston Reservoir
Bradlaugh Fields
Bradnam Wood
Bradwell Shell Bank
Braeburn Park
Bramford Meadows
Bramley Bank
Brampton Racecourse
Bramshill SSSI
Bramshott and Ludshott Commons
Brandy Hole Copse
Bransbury Common
Breckland Farmland
Breckland Forest
Breedon Cloud Wood and Quarry
Breedon Hill
Brenchley Wood
Brent Eleigh Woods
Brentmoor Heath
Brent Park (Hendon)
Bricket Wood Common
Brickfield and Long Meadow
Brickfield Meadow
Bridge Wood
Bridgham and Brettenham Heaths
Briery Wood Heronry, Belvoir
Briton's Lane Gravel Pit
Broad Colney Lakes
Broad Fen, Dilham
Broadham Down
Broadstreet, Backside and Rydes Commons
Brockham Limeworks
Brockwell Meadows
Bromham Lake
Brooke House
Brookland Wood
Brook Meadow (Emsworth)
Brookmill Road Local Nature Reserve
Brookwood Lye
Broom Hill, Hadleigh
Broome Heath
Broome Heath Pit
Broomfield Park, Palmers Green
Broughton Down
Browns Wood Local Nature Reserve
Broxbourne Woods
Broxhead and Kingsley Commons
Brundall Church Fen
Brush Hill Local Nature Reserve
Bryant's Heath, Felmingham
Buckanay Farm Pit, Alderton
Buckingham Sand Pit
Buckland Warren
Bugbrooke Meadows
Buchan Hill Ponds
Bucknell Wood Meadows
Bugg's Hole Fen, Thelnetham
Bugle Quarry
Bull Meadow
Bullock Wood
Bulwick Meadows
Burbage Wood and Aston Firs
Bure Broads and Marshes
Bure Park
Burgate Wood
Burgh Common and Muckfleet Marshes
Buriton Chalk Pit
Burley and Rushpit Woods
Burner's Heath and Swallows Pond
Burnt Ash Pond
Burnt Oak Brook
Burton Common
Burtonhole Lane and Pasture
Burton Park SSSI
Bus Company Island
Butter Wood
Buttlers Hangings
Byfield Pool
Byron's Pool
Caistor St Edmund Chalk Pit
Caldecote Meadows
Calender Meadows
Calshot Marshes
Calvert Jubilee
Cam Washes
Cambourne Nature Reserve
Cantley Marshes
Canvey Lake
Canvey Wick
Captain's Wood, Buckinghamshire
Captain's Wood
Carlton and Oulton Marshes
Carlton Wood
Carpenter's Wood
Castle Bottom to Yateley and Hawley Commons
Castle Hill, Chessington
Castle Hill, Newhaven
Castle Marshes
Castor Flood Meadows
Cattawade Marshes
Cave's Inn Pits
Cavendish Woods
Cavenham - Icklingham Heaths
Cawston and Marsham Heaths
Centenary Fields
Centre for Wildlife Gardening
Chairborough Road
Chalkney Wood
Chantry Mill
Chapel Common
Charing Beech Hangers
Charley Woods
Charnwood Lodge
Castle Acre Common
Centenary Fields
Chater Valley
Charleshill SSSI
Chattenden Woods and Lodge Hill
Chelmer Valley Riverside
Chequer's Wood and Old Park
Cherry Hill and The Gallops, Barton Mills
Chertsey Meads
Cheshunt Park
Chigborough Lakes
Chigwell Row Wood
Chilbolton Common
Childs Hill Park
Chillesford Church Pit
Chimney Meadows
Chinnor Chalk Pit
Chinnor Hill
Chinthurst Hill
Chippenhall Green
Chippenham Fen and Snailwell Poor's Fen
Chitty's Common
Cholsey Marsh
Chorleywood Common
Chorleywood House Estate
Church Farm Marshes
Church Lane Flood Meadow
Church Meadow
Church Wood and Robsack Wood
Church Woods, Blean
Clacton Cliffs and Foreshore
Clarefield Park
Claygate Common
Clay Lane
Cleeve Hill
Cliffe Hill Quarry
Climping Beach
Clipsham Old Quarry and Pickworth Great Wood
Clitterhouse Recreation Ground
Coates Castle SSSI
Cockaynes Wood
Cockthorpe Common, Stiffkey
Coldham's Common
Colekitchen Down
College Lake nature reserve
Collingwood Nature Reserve
Collyweston Great Wood and Easton Hornstocks
Collyweston Quarries
Collyweston Slate Mine
Colne Estuary
Colne Local Nature Reserve
Colne Point
Colne Valley, Essex
Colney Heath Local Nature Reserve
Combwell Wood
Coneyhurst Cutting
Conningbrook Lakes Country Park
Cooksbridge Meadow
Coombe Hill Hollow
Coombe Hill Wood
Coombe Wood and The Lythe
Coombs Quarry
Coppedhall Hanger
Copperas Wood
Coppett's Wood and Scrublands
Copthall Railway Walk and Copthall Old Common
Copthall South Fields
Corton Cliffs
Cossington Meadows
Coston Fen, Runhall
Cotes Grassland
Cothill Fen
Cottage Bottom Fields
Coulters Dean
Covert Way
Cowden Meadow
Cowden Pound Pastures
Cowthick Quarry
Cow Wood and Harry's Wood
Crab Wood
Crag Farm Pit, Sudbourne
Crag Pit, Aldeburgh
Crag Pit, Sutton
Cranberry Rough, Hockham
Crane Meadows
Crane Park
Crane Park Island
Crane Valley
Cranford St John SSSI
Cranham Brickfields
Cranham Marsh
Cransford Meadow
Cranwich Camp
Crecy Hill
Creeting St Mary Pits
Cribb's Meadow
Croft and Huncote Quarry
Croft Hill
Croft Pasture
Crofton Wood
Cromers Wood
Croker's Hole
Crooksbury Hill
Cropthorne New Inn Section
Crossness Nature Reserve
Crostwick Marsh
Crouch and Roach estuaries
Crowborough Country Park
Crowfields Common
Crowsheath Wood
Croxley Common Moor
Croxton Park
CS Lewis Nature Reserve
Cucknell's Wood
Cuckoo Wood
Cuddington Meadows
Curtismill Green
Curtis Wood
Dacres Wood
Dagenham Village Churchyard
Dalham Farm
Damgate Marshes, Acle
Danbury Common
Danbury Ridge Nature Reserves
Danby Wood
Dancersend Waterworks
Danebury Hill
Daneshill Park Woods
Danesbury Park
Darenth Wood
Darland Banks
Darland's Lake Nature Reserve
Deacon Hill SSSI
Deadman's Grave, Icklingham
Deadwater Valley
Deans Brook
Debdale Meadow, Muston
Debden Water SSSI
Deben Estuary
Decoy Carr, Acle
Deepdene Terrace
Delph Bridge Drain
Denham Country Park
Denham Lock Wood
Dereham Rush Meadow
Dernford Fen
Dews Farm Sand Pits
Dew's Ponds
Dibden Bay
Didlington Park Lakes
Dillington Carr
Ditchford Lakes and Meadows
Ditton Quarry
Dollypers Hill
Donington Park SSSI
Dover to Kingsdown Cliffs
Down Bank
Downe Bank
Downfield Pit
Downham Woodland Walk
Drivers Hill
Dropshort Marsh
Dryhill Nature Reserve
Dry Sandford Pit
Duke's Hollow
Dulwich Upper Wood
Duncroft Farm Pit
Duncton to Bignor Escarpment
Dundridge Meadows
Dungee Corner Meadow
Dunstable and Whipsnade Downs
Dunston Common
Duston Mill Meadow
Eames Farm
Earlham Park Woods
Earlswood Common
East Aston Common
Eastbrookend Country Park
East Dean Park Wood
Eastern Road Nature Reserve
East Harling Common
East Runton Cliffs
East Ruston Common
East Walton and Adcock's Common
East Wood, Great Casterton
Eaton Chalk Pit
Eaton Common
Ebernoe Common
Edgefield Little Wood
Edgware Way Grassland
Edgwarebury Brook
Edolph's Copse
Edith Gardens
Edwardstone Woods
Eelmoor Marsh
Eling and Bury Marshes
Ellenden Wood
Ellesborough and Kimble Warrens
Elmbridge Open Space
Elm Road Field, Thetford
Emer Bog and Baddesley Common
Empingham Marshy Meadows
Elmsett Park Wood
Elstead Group of Commons
Elmstead Pit
Elsenham Woods
Elsworth Wood
Elvetham Heath LNR
Ely Pits and Meadows
Enderby Warren Quarry
Epsom and Ashtead Commons
Eriswell Low Warren
Everdon Stubbs
Eversden and Wimpole Woods
Ewelme Watercress Beds
Eye Brook Valley Woods
Eye Gravel Pit
Fackenden Down
Fairmile Bottom
Fakenham Wood and Sapiston Great Grove
Fames Rough
Farncombe Wood
Farnham Park
Farningham Wood
Farthinghoe Nature Reserve
Fayland Chalk Bank
Felbrigg Woods
Felmingham Cutting
Felpham SSSI
Fen Alder Carr
Fenlake Meadows
Fenn Washland
Fern House Gravel Pit
Ferry Cliff, Sutton
Field Barn Heaths, Hilborough
Filsham Reedbed
Finedon Cally Banks
Finedon Top Lodge Quarry
Finemere Wood
Fingringhoe Wick
Fir and Pond Woods
Fir Tree Copse
Fisher's Field
Fishpond Wood and Beverley Meads
Flatropers Wood
Flitton Moor
Flitwick Wood
Flixton Quarry
Flordon Common
Foal Hurst Wood
Fobbing Marsh
Folkestone to Etchinghill Escarpment
Folkestone Warren
Forest Mere
Forncett Meadows
Foulden Common
Foulness SSSI
Foxburrow Wood
Fox Corner Wildlife Area
Fox Covert
Foxes Cross Bottom
Foxlease and Ancells Meadows
Fox Wood
Foxcote Reservoir and Wood
Foxley Wood, Purley
Fraser Down
Frays Farm Meadows
Freshfield Lane
Freston and Cutler's Woods with Holbrook Park
Friary Park
Frieth Meadows
Frilford Heath, Ponds and Fens
Frisby Marsh
Fritton Common, Morningthorpe
Froghall Brickworks
Frogmore Meadows
Furze Hill SSSI
Furzefield Wood and Lower Halfpenny
Fyning Moor
Galley and Warden Hills
Galleywood Common
Garnetts Wood and Barnston Lays
Garrold's Meadow
Garston Park
Gawdyhall Big Wood, Harleston
Geddington Chase SSSI
Gedgrave Hall Pit
Geldeston Meadows
Gernon Bushes
Gibbin's Brook
Gilbert's Pit
Gillham Wood
Gillespie Park
Gipping Great Wood
Gipsy Lane Pit
Glamis Meadow and Wood
Glandford (Hurdle Lane)
Glandford (Letheringsett Road)
Glapthorn Cow Pasture
Glebe Lane Pastures
Glebelands Local Nature Reserve
Glemsford Pits
Glen Parva Nature Reserve
Globe Pit
Glory Wood and Devil's Den
Glyme Valley
Gobions Wood
Godmanchester Eastside Common
Godmanchester Nature Reserve
Gog Magog Golf Course
Goldsands Road Pit
Gomm Valley
Gomm's Wood
Gooderstone Warren
Gosbeck Wood
Gosfield Sandpits
Goss Meadows
Grace Dieu and High Sharpley
Gracious Pond
Graeme Hendrey Wood
Graffham Common
Grafton Regis Meadow
Grangelands and Pulpit Hill
Grantham Canal SSSI
Grattons Park
Grays Thurrock Chalk Pit
Great Blakenham Pit
Great Bowden Borrowpit
Great Casterton Road Banks
Great Crabbles Wood
Great Cressingham Fen
Great Eastern Pingo Trail
Great Holland Pits
Great Hormead Park
Great Merrible Wood
Greatness Brickworks
Great Oakley Meadow
Great Shuttlesfield Down
Great Stukeley Railway Cutting
Great Wilbraham Common
Great Wood and Dodd's Grove
Great Yarmouth North Denes
Greenham and Crookham Commons
Greenhill Gardens
Greens Norton Pocket Park
Grendon and Doddershall Woods
Greville Place nature reserve
Greywell Fen
Grimeshaw Wood
Grimston Warren Pit
Groby Pool and Woods
Gromford Meadow
Grove Farm, Ealing
Grove House Wood
Gunners Park and Shoebury Ranges
Gunton Park Lake
Gunton Warren and Corton Woods
Gunton Wood
Gutner Point
Gutteridge Wood and Meadows
Gypsy Camp Meadows, Thrandeston
Hackett's Marsh
Hackpen, Warren & Gramp's Hill Downs
Hadley Green
Halnaker Chalk Pit
Hainault Lodge
Hales and Shadwell Woods
Hall Farm Fen, Hemsby
Halling to Trottiscliffe Escarpment
Hall's Quarry
Halstead Road Centenary Pasture
Ham Fen
Ham Home-cum-Hamgreen Woods
Ham Lands
Hamford Water
Hampstead Heath Woods
Happisburgh Cliffs
Happy Valley Park
Harby Hill Wood
Hardwick Lodge Meadow
Harebreaks Wood
Harefield Pit
Harlestone Heath
Harlow Marsh
Harlow Woods
Harpsden Wood
Harrow Weald Common
Harrow Weald SSSI
Hart Hill, Kent
Harting Downs
Harwich Foreshore
Hascot Hill Pit
Haverhill Railway Walks
Hawkenbury Meadow
Hawkins Wood
Hay Wood, Whepstead
Hayes Common
Hayling Billy
Hazeley Heath
Hazlewood Marshes
Heacham Brick Pit
Heathfield Park SSSI
Hedenham Wood
Helmdon Disused Railway
Hemingford Grey Meadow
Hempstead Meadow
Henley Sidings
Henlow Common and Langford Meadows
Hertford Heath nature reserve
Hewitt's Chalk Bank
Hexton Chalk Pit
Heyshott Down
Higham Ferrers Pits
Highclere Park
Highcliffe to Milford Cliffs
High Elms Country Park
Highlands Farm Pit
High Meadow
High Wood and Meadow
High Wood, Dunmow
Hilbert Woods
Hildersham Wood
Hill End Pit
Hill Park, Tatsfield
Hill Rise, Bedford
Hillcollins Pit
Hilly Fields, Colchester
Hindringham Meadows
Hintlesham Woods
Histon Road SSSI
Hitchcopse Pit
Hockering Wood
Hockley Woods
Hodgemoor Wood
Hogsmill LNR
Hogsmill River Park
Holborough Marshes
Holborough to Burham Marshes
Holehaven Creek
Holies Down
Holkham Brick Pit
Holland Haven Marshes
Holland-on-Sea Cliff
Holland Hall (Melbourn) Railway Cutting
Hollowhill and Pullingshill Woods
Holly Farm Meadow, Wendling
Holly Rock Fields
Holly Wood, Oxfordshire
Holt Lowes
Holton Pit
Holton Wood
Holtspur Bank
Holwell Mouth
Holwell Reserves
Home Mead
Homefield Wood
Hook Common and Bartley Heath
Hook Meadow and The Trap Grounds
Hook Norton Cutting and Banks
Hooks Well Meadows, Great Cressingham
Hoppit Mead
Hornchurch Cutting
Horndon Meadow
Horningtoft Wood
Horsehay Quarries
Horse Wood, Mileham
Horringer Court Caves
Horton Clay Pit
Houghton Regis Marl Lakes
Houlder and Monarch Hill Pits, Upper Halling
House Copse
How Hill Track
Howe Dell
Howe Grove Wood
Howell Hill
Howe Park Wood
Howlands Marsh
Hoxne Brick Pit
Hubbard's Hill
Humberstone Park LNR
Hunsdon Mead
Hunstanton Cliffs
Hunstanton Park Esker
Hurley Chalk Pit
Hurst Castle and Lymington River Estuary
Hurston Warren
Hutchinson's Bank
Hutton Country Park
Hythe to Calshot Marshes
Iffley Meadows
Iken Wood
Ileden and Oxenden Woods
Ingrebourne Valley
Inholms Clay Pit
Inkpen and Walbury Hills
Inkpen Common SSSI
Iping and Stedham Commons
Ipswich Heaths
Irchester Old Lodge Pit
Iron Latch
Isleham Nature Reserve
Islington Heronry
Islip Manor Meadows
Ivel Springs
Ives Head
Ivinghoe Hills
Ivy Hatch Nature Reserve
John Weston Nature Reserve
Jubilee Country Park
Jubilee Wood, Malden Rushett
Jumping Downs
Kelham Bridge
Kemsing Down
Kendal Park
Kendall's Meadow
Kenninghall and Banham Fens with Quidenham Mere
Kensworth Chalk Pit
Kentwell Woods
Ketton Quarries
Kilby - Foxton Canal
Kiln Wood
Kinewell Lake
King George V Playing Fields, Totteridge
King George's Fields (Monken Hadley)
Kingcup Meadows and Oldhouse Wood
King Lud's Entrenchments and The Drift
Kings and Bakers Woods and Heaths
King's Cliffe Banks
King's Meads
Kings Wood and Glebe Meadows, Houghton Conquest
King's Wood, Corby
Kingsthorpe Meadow
Kingston and Bourn Old Railway
Kingston Wood and Outliers
Kirby Frith Nature Reserve
Kirtlington Quarry
Kitchen Copse
Knapton Cutting
Knebworth Woods
Knight and Bessborough Reservoirs
Knighton Spinney
Knightsbridge Lane
Knocking Hoe
Ladies Mile, Brighton
Lakenheath Poor's Fen
Lakenheath Warren
Lakeside Nature Reserve
Lakeside Park, Guildford
Lambridge Wood
Lancing Ring
Lancot Meadow
Landguard Common
Landpark Wood
Langdon Nature Reserve
Langley Wood, Cambridgeshire
Lardon Chase
Larkey Valley Wood
Lattersey Field
Launde Big Wood
Launde Woods
Laurel Farm Meadow
Lavender Pond
Lavington Common
Lea Meadows
Leathes Ham
Lee-on-The Solent to Itchen Estuary
Leet Hill, Kirby Cane
Ledgers Wood
Leighfield Forest SSSI
Leiston - Aldeburgh
Leith Hill SSSI
Lemsford Springs
Lenham Quarry
Letcombe Valley
Levan Strice
Levin Down
Lexden Gathering Grounds
Lexden Park
Leziate, Sugar and Derby Fens
Limekiln Close and East Pit
Limpenhoe Meadows
Lincegrove and Hackett's Marshes
Linder's Field
Lineage Wood & Railway Track, Long Melford
Linford Wood
Lingfield Wildlife Area
Lingwood Meadows
Lion Creek and Lower Raypits
Lion Pit
Lion Wood
Litcham Common
Litten Nature Reserve
Little Blakenham Pit
Little Catworth Meadow
Little Downham Local Nature Reserve
Littlefield Common
Little Hallingbury Marsh
Little Haven Nature Reserve
Little Heath, Barnham
Littleheath Woods
Little Heath Pit
Littlemore Railway Cutting
Little Oakley Channel Deposit
Little Paxton Pits
Little Paxton Wood
Little Waltham Meadows
Little Wittenham SSSI
Littleworth Common
L-Moor, Shepreth
Lockington Marshes
Lodge Hill, Buckinghamshire
Lofts Farm Pit
Logan's Meadow
London Road Industrial Estate, Brandon
Long Deans
Longfield Chalk Bank
Long Grove Wood
Long Herdon Meadow
Long Lane Pasture
Long Wood, Ealing
Longspring Wood
Lonsdale Road Reservoir
Lordswell Field
Loughborough Meadows
Lound Lakes
Lount Meadows
Lower Test Valley
Lower Wood, Ashwellthorpe
Lucas Marsh
Ludham - Potter Heigham Marshes
Luffenham Heath Golf Course
Lyehill Quarry
Lymington River Reedbeds
Lymington River SSSI
Lympne Escarpment
Lynchmere Commons
Lynsore Bottom
Lyttelton Playing Fields
Madingley Wood
Main Quarry, Mountsorrel
Magnolia Fields
Magpie Bottom
Maidscross Hill
Major Farm Meadow
Maldon Cutting
Maldon Wick
Malling Down
Manor Farm, Surrey
Mantles Heath
Marden Meadows
Mardley Heath
Marehill Quarry
Marks Tey Brickpit
Marston Thrift
Marshalls Heath
Marston Marshes
Martin and Tidpit Downs
Marylands Nature Reserve
Mattishall Moor
Maulden Church Meadow
Maulden Heath
Mayesbrook Park
Mayford Meadows
Medway Estuary and Marshes
Melwood Local Nature Reserve
Merry's Meadows
Micheldever Spoil Heaps
Mickle Mere
Middlebriars Wood
Middle Harling Fen
Middle Wood, Offton
Milden Thicks
Milford Green and Coxhill Green
Mill Crook
Mill Hill Old Railway Nature Reserve
Mill Hill Park
Mill Hill, Shoreham
Mill Hill Substation Pastures
Millennium Wood, Ipswich
Millfield Wood
Mill Meadows, Billericay
Mills Rocks
Mill Stream Nature Reserve
Milton Heath and The Nower
Misterton Marshes
Moat Farm Meadows
Moat Mount Open Space and Mote End Farm
Moira Junction
Molesey Heath
Moor Copse
Moorend Common
Monken Hadley Common
Moorgreen Meadows
Moor Hall Meadows
Moor Mill Quarry, West
Morden Park (park)
Moreton Hall Community Woods
Morley Quarry
Morston Cliff
Mountsorrel Meadows
Mowbray Fields
Mowsbury Hill
Mucking Flats and Marshes
Mundesley Cliffs
Muston Meadows
Muswell Hill, Buckinghamshire
Mutton Brook
Nacton Meadows
Naphill Common
Narborough Bog
Nares Gladley Marsh
Nashenden Down
Nature Alive
Nature Discovery Centre
Nazeing Triangle
Needham Lake
Neithrop Fields Cutting
Nemo Down
Neutral Farm Pit, Butley
Newbourne Springs
Newdigate Brickworks
Newell Wood
Newhurst Quarry
Newland Grove
New Lount
Newmarket Heath
New Marston Meadows
Newney Green Pit
Newton Burgoland Marshes
Nine Acres Pit
No Man's Orchard
Nore Hill Pinnacle
Norley Copse and Meadow
Northaw Great Wood
North Cove Nature Reserve
Northern Line Embankment, High Barnet
North Kilworth Nature Reserve
North Luffenham Quarry
Northmoor Hill Wood
Northolt Manor
Northpark Copse to Snapelands Copse
North Solent
Northward Hill
Norton Wood
Norwood Road
Nower Wood
Nunn Wood
Nutborne Marshes
Nutfield Marshes
Oaken Wood
Oakley Hill nature reserve
Oak Hill Park (Barnet)
Oak Hill Wood
Oakfield Wood
Oakleigh Park Rail Cutting
Oakley Wood
Oare Meadow
Oldbury and Seal Chart
Old Bodney Camp
Old Broom
Old Buckenham Fen
Old Court House Recreation Ground
Old Ford Island
Old Lodge
Old Park Hill
Old Rectory Meadows
Old Roar Gill and Coronation Wood
Old Sulehay Forest
Old Warden Tunnel nature reserve
One Barrow Plantation
One Tree Hill and Bitchet Common
One Tree Hill, Honor Oak
Orlestone Forest
Orton Pit
Orwell Clunch Pit
Orwell Estuary
Otford to Shoreham Downs
Otmoor SSSI
Otterpool Quarry
Oughtonhead Common
Oughtonhead Lane
Oughtonhead Nature Reserve
Out and Plunder Woods
Out Wood
Over and Lawn Woods
Overstrand Cliffs
Owston Woods
Oxhey Woods
Oxley Mead
Oxley Meadow
Oxleys Wood
Pads Wood
Pages Wood
Pakefield to Easton Bavents
Pakenham Meadows
Papercourt Marshes
Papermill Reedbed
Papworth Wood
Parham Park SSSI
Park Farm Cutting
Park Road Pond
Park Wood and Goulding's Wood
Park Wood, Bedford
Park Wood, Chilham
Park Wood, Cambridgeshire
Parsloes Park
Parsonage Moor
Parsonage Wood
Pashford Poor's Fen, Lakenheath
Pasture and Asplin Woods
Peake Wood
Pembury Cutting and Pit
Perivale Wood
Perry Copse Outcrop
Perry Woods
Peter's Pit
Pewley Down
Philpot's and Hook Quarries
Phyllis Currie Nature Reserve
Pickers Ditch Meadow
Pigneys Wood
Pilch Fields
Pilsey Island
Pipers Vale
Pipewell Woods
Pishill Woods
Pitsea Marsh
Pitstone Hill
Pitstone Quarry
Pixey and Yarnton Meads
Plumpton Pasture
Poker's Pond Meadow
Polebrook Farm
Polhill Bank
Poors Allotment
Poplar Farm Meadows, Langley
Port Meadow with Wolvercote Common and Green
Porton Down SSSI
Potter and Scarning Fens, East Dereham
Potter's Carr, Cranworth
Potton Hall Fields, Westleton
Pound Wood
Preston Marshes
Preston Park (Brent)
Prestwood Local Nature Reserve
Priest Hill
Prince's Beachlands
Princes Park, Temple Fortune
Prior's Coppice
Priory Meadows, Hickling
Pucks Oak Barn and McAlmont Reserves
Pulham Market Big Wood
Pulloxhill Marsh
Purfleet Chalk Pits
Purfleet Road, Aveley
Purple Hill
Purwell Meadows
Purwell Ninesprings
Putnoe Wood
Pyl Brook
Quarley Hill Fort
Quarry Wood, Kent
Quendon Wood
Racecourse Farm Fields
Raeburn Open Space
RAF Lakenheath SSSI
Railway Land, Lewes
Railway Walk, Hadleigh
Rake Hanger
Ramsden Corner Plantation
Ramsholt Cliff
Ranmore Common SSSI
Ratlake Meadows
Rectory Meadow
Red House Farm Pit
Red Lodge Heath
Rede Wood
Redwell Wood
Reed Hill, Oxfordshire
Richmond Farm Pit, Gedgrave
Rickmansworth Aquadrome
Riddlesdown Common
Riddles Wood
Ridlins Mire
Ring's End Local Nature Reserve
Ringstead Downs
Ripple Nature Reserve
River Avon System
River Eye SSSI
River Ise and Meadows
River Len LNR
River Mease SSSI
River Mole LNR
River Ter SSSI
Riverside House Meadow
Riverside Park, Guildford
Riverside Walk, Hadleigh
Riverside Walk, Virginia Water
Roade Cutting
Robins Wood
Rock Edge
Rockhall Wood Pit, Sutton
Rocky Plantation
Rodbed Wood
Rodborough Common, Surrey
Roding Valley Meadows
Roman River SSSI
Roman River Valley
Roman Road, Cambridgeshire
Rook Clift
Rose Walk
Rosie Curston's Meadow, Mattishall
Roughdown Common
Roughtalley's Wood
Round Hill Pit, Aldeburgh
Roundshaw Downs
Rowley Green Common
Rowley Lodge Field
Roydon Woods
Ruffett and Big Woods
Runfold Wood
Rushbeds Wood
Rushmore and Conholt Downs
Rushy Mead
Rusthall Common
Ruxley Gravel Pits
Rye Harbour LNR
Ryhall Pasture and Little Warren Verges
Saddington Reservoir
Saffron Green Meadows
Salary Brook Local Nature Reserve
Saltbox Hill
Saltersford Wood
Salt Way, Ditchley
Sandbeach Meadows
Sandlings Forest
Sands Bank
Sandwich and Pegwell Bay
Sandwich Bay to Hacklinge Marshes
Sandy Lane Pit, Barham
Sandy Warren
Sandylay and Moat Woods
Sarratt Bottom nature reserve
Sarsgrove Wood
Sawbridgeworth Marsh
Sawston Hall Meadows
Sayer's Croft LNR
Scadbury Park
Scarning Fen
Scaynes Hill SSSI
Scord's Wood and Brockhoult Mount
Scotney Castle SSSI
Scoulton Mere
Scraptoft Nature Reserve
Scrase Valley
Scrattons Eco Park
Seabrook Stream
Seaford Head
Sea Mere, Hingham
Seasalter Levels
Seaton Meadows
Selsey, East Beach
Selwyns Wood
Sergeants Orchard
Setchey SSSI
Sewell Cutting
Sexton Wood
Shabbington Woods Complex
Shabden Park
Shacklewell Hollow
Shallam Dyke Marshes, Thurne
Sheep's Banks
Sheep's Green and Coe Fen
Sheephouse Wood
Sheepwalk Lake
Sheepy Fields
Shelfanger Meadows
Shellingford Crossroads Quarry
Sheppey Cliffs and Foreshore
Shepshed Cutting
Sheringham and Beeston Regis Commons
Shillinglee Lake
Shippea Hill SSSI
Shipton-on-Cherwell and Whitehill Farm Quarries
Shirburn Hill
Shoeburyness Old Ranges
Shoreham Beach
Shorne and Ashenbank Woods
Shortheath Common
Short Wood and Southwick Wood
Shotesham Common
Shotesham-Woodton Hornbeam Woods
Shotgate Thickets
Shrubhill Common
Shut Heath Wood
Sidestrand and Trimingham Cliffs
Sidley Wood
Sinah Common
Singlers Marsh
Singleton and Cocking Tunnels
Sinks Valley, Kesgrave
Sissinghurst Park Wood
Skippers Island
Sladden Wood
Slinfold Stream and Quarry
Smallburgh Fen
Smithcombe, Sharpenhoe and Sundon Hills
Smockmill Common
Snailwell Meadows
Snape Marshes
Snaky Lane Community Wildlife Area
Snape Warren
Snettisham Carstone Quarry
Snibston Grange
Somersham Local Nature Reserve
Sotterley Park
South Blean
Southborough Pit
Southerham Farm
Southfield Farm Marsh
Southill Lake and Woods
Southorpe Roughs
South Lodge Pit
Southrepps Common
South Thames Estuary and Marshes
South Walsham Fen
South Wood
Southwood Open Space
Sparham Pools
Spong Wood
Spot Lane Quarry
Sprat's Water and Marshes, Carlton Colville
Spring Lane Meadows
Spring Wood, Belstead
Sproxton Quarry
Spuckles and Kennelling Woods
Stallode Wash, Lakenheath
Stanborough Reedmarsh
Stanford Park
Stanford Training Area SSSI
Stanford Warren
Stanley and Alder Carrs, Aldeby
Stanmore Common
Stanmore Country Park
Stanton Great Wood
Stanton Woods
Staverton Park and The Thicks, Wantisden
St Denis Church, East Hatley
Stevington Marsh
St Helen's Wood
Stiffkey Valley
St James' Pit
St. John's Wood Church Grounds
St Leonard's Forest SSSI
St Leonard's Park Ponds
St Martha's Hill and Colyer's Hanger
St Mary's Churchyard, Hendon
Stockbridge Common Marsh
St Neots Common
Stockbridge Down
Stockbury Hill Wood
Stocking Springs Wood
Stodmarsh SSSI
Stoke and Bowd Lane Woods
Stoke Bruerne Brick Pits
Stoke Common
Stoke Park Wood
Stokes Field
Stoke Tunnel Cutting, Ipswich
Stoke Wood End Quarter
Stone SSSI, Buckinghamshire
Stonesby Quarry
Stonesfield Common, Bottoms and Banks
Stone Wood
Stoneyfields Park
Storton's Pits
Stotfold Mill Meadows
St Osyth Pit
Stour and Copperas Woods, Ramsey
Stour Estuary
Stow-Cum-Quy Fen
Stow Maries Halt
Stringer's Common
Sturry Pit
Sturt Copse
Sudborough Green Lodge Meadows
Sudbourne Park Pit
Sudbury Common Lands
Sue Godfrey Nature Park
Sullington Warren
Summerfields Wood
Sundon Chalk Quarry
Sutcliffe Park
Sutton Heath and Bog
Swain's Wood
Swangey Fen, Attleborough
Swan Lane Open Space
Swannington Upgate Common
Swanton Novers Woods
Swineshead Wood
Swinley Park and Brick Pits
Swyncombe Downs
Syderstone Common
Syon Park
Syresham Marshy Meadows
Tailby Meadow
Tankerton Slopes
Target Hill Park
Tebworth Marsh
Telegraph Hill, Hertfordshire
Temple Island Meadows
Ten Acre Wood
Ten Wood
Terrace Hills Pasture
Tewin Orchard and Hopkyns Wood
Thanet Coast
The Boardwalks
The Brinks, Northwold
The Brooks Local Nature Reserve
The Chase Nature Reserve
The Cliff, Burnham-on-Crouch
The Commons, Welwyn Garden City
The Coppice, Kelvedon Hatch
The Dales Open Space
The Flashes
The Forest and the Highlands
The Gardens, Great Ashfield
The Gill
The Glen Chalk Caves, Bury St Edmunds
The Haven, Aldeburgh
The Lairage Land
The Larches, Kent
The Marshes Local Nature Reserve
The Mens
The Mill Field
The Moors, Bishop's Waltham
The Naze Nature Reserve
The Naze SSSI
The Orchards Nature Reserve
The Pennings, Eye
The Plens
The Railway Walks
The Warren, Bromley
The Wick Local Nature Reserve
The Wild Grounds
The Wood, Surbiton
Thetford Golf Course and Marsh
Thetford Heaths
Thompson Water, Carr and Common
Thorley Wash nature reserve
Thorndon Park
Thornwood Common Flood Meadow
Thorpe Marshes
Thorpe Morieux Woods
Thrapston Station Quarry
Thrift Wood
Thriplow Meadows
Thriplow Peat Holes
Thundersley Great Common
Thundry Meadows
Thursley, Hankley and Frensham Commons
Tickencote Marsh
Tiffield Pocket Park
Tiger Hill, Suffolk
Tilburstow Hill
Tile Wood
Tilgate Forest
Tilton Cutting
Tilwick Meadow
Tindall Wood, Ditchingham
Tingewick Meadows
Tiptree Heath Nature Reserve
Tiptree Parish Field
Titchfield Haven
Titchmarsh Meadow
Titchmarsh Nature Reserve
Titsal Wood, Shadingfield
Tolethorpe Road Verges
Tollesbury Wick
Toll's Meadow, Wymondham
Tolworth Court Farm Fields
Top Field and Cozens Grove
Totteridge Common
Totteridge Fields
Totteridge Green
Totternhoe Chalk Quarry
Totternhoe nature reserve
Totternhoe Stone Pit
Tottington Wood
Tower Hill to Cockham Wood
Toyd Down and Quarry
Treyford to Bepton Down
Tring Park
Tring Woodlands
Trottiscliffe Meadows
Trumpington Meadows
Trundley and Wadgell's Wood, Great Thurlow
Tudor Sports Ground
Tunstall Common
Turners Field
Turner's Wood
Turville Hill
Twenty Acre Piece
Tyland Barn
Tyler Hill Meadow
Ulverscroft Nature Reserve
Ulverscroft Valley
Underdown nature reserve
Upper Arun
Upper Cherwell at Trafford House
Upper Colne Marshes
Upper Greensand Hangers: Empshott to Hawkley
Upper Greensand Hangers: Wyck to Wheatley
Upper Hamble Estuary and Woods
Upper Nene Valley Gravel Pits
Upper Ray Meadows
Upper Thurne Broads and Marshes
Upton Broad and Marshes
Upware Bridge Pit North
Upware North Pit
Upware South Pit
Uxbridge College Pond
Uxbridge Moor
Valley Farm Pit, Sudbourne
Vange and Fobbing Marshes
Vange Hill
Victoria Recreation Ground, Barnet
Vinters Valley Park
Wadenhoe Marsh and Achurch Meadow
Wakehurst and Chiddingly Woods
Wakerley Spinney
Waldringfield Pit
Wallis Wood
Waltham Brooks
Wandle Meadow Nature Park
Wanlip Meadows
Wansunt Pit
Warblington Meadow
Warboys and Wistow Woods
Warboys Clay Pit
Warley Place
Warnborough Green SSSI
Warnham LNR
Warnham SSSI
Warren Farm, Stewkley
Warren Nature Reserve
Waterford Heath
Watercress Wildlife Site
Wateringbury SSSI
Waterperry Wood
Watling Chase Timberland Trail
Watling Park
Watlington and Pyrton Hills
Watlington Chalk Pit
Wattle Wood
Wavendon Heath Ponds
Weald Common Flood Meadows
Wealden Edge Hangers
Weather and Horn Heaths, Eriswell
Weaveley and Sand Woods
Weeleyhall Wood
Weldon Park
Wells Chalk Pit
Wells Farm
Welsh Wood
Wendlebury Meads and Mansmoor Closes
West, Abbot's and Lound Woods
West Blean and Thornden Woods
West Dean Woods
West End Common
West Harting Down SSSI
West Hendon Playing Fields
West Kent Golf Course nature reserve
West Park, Uckfield
West Pit
West Runton Cliffs
West Stow Heath
West Thurrock Lagoon and Marshes
West Wood, Little Sampford
Westbere Copse
Westerham Mines
Westerham Wood
Western Heights LNR
Westhall Wood and Meadow
Westhouse Wood
Weston Fen
Weston Fen, Oxfordshire
Weston Turville Reservoir
Westwick Lakes
Weybourne Cliffs
Weybourne LNR
Weybourne Town Pit
Wheathampstead Local Nature Reserve
Whet Mead
Whinless Down
Whitecross Green and Oriel Woods
Whitehall Meadows
Whitehorse Hill
Whiteleaf Hill
White Rose Lane
Whitewater Valley
Whitings Hill Open Space
Whitlingham Marsh
Whittlesford - Thriplow Hummocky Fields
Whitwell Common SSSI
Wicksteed Park Nature Reserve
Wick Wood and Worldham Hangers
Widdenton Park Wood
Widewater Lagoon
Wiggenhall St Germans SSSI
Wilbraham Fens
Wilde Street Meadow
Wildmoor Heath
Wilson's Pits
Windsor Forest and Great Park
Wing Water Treatment Works
Winterton-Horsey Dunes
Withdean and Westdene Woods
Wivenhoe Gravel Pit
Wiveton Downs
Wokefield Common
Wollaston Meadows
Wolvercote Meadows
Woodcock Hill Village Green
Woodeaton Quarry
Woodeaton Wood
Woodford Bottom and Lamb's Pool
Woodford Halse Nature Reserve
Woodham Fen
Woodham Walter Common SSSI
Woodridge Nature Reserve
Woodsides Meadow
Woods Mill
Wormsley Chalk Banks
Wortham Ling
Worth Forest
Wotton and Abinger Commons
Wouldham to Detling Escarpment
Wrabness Nature Reserve
Wretham Park Meres
Wretton SSSI
Wymeswold Meadows
Wymington Meadow
Wymondham Rough
Yare Broads and Marshes
Yeading Brook Meadows
Yelden Meadows

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