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My main area of interest is in the early statehood of West Virginia, being originally from southwest West Virginia. My main sources are:

Charles Ambler, A History of West Virginia

Richard Orr Curry, A House Divided, Statehood Politics & the Copperhead Movement in West Virginia

Virgil A. Lewis, How West Virginia Was Made, Proceedings of the First Con- vention...And the Journal of the Second Wheeling

J.G. Randall, The Civil War and Reconstruction

Virgil A. Lewis, History and Government of West Virginia

James C. McGregor, The Disruption of Virginia

Confederate Military History, Maryland and West Virginia

Virginia Civil War Commission, Virginia's Decision, The Story of the Secession Convention of 1861

Richard Orr Curry, "A Reappraisal of Statehood Politics in West Virginia" The Journal of Southern History, Volume XXVIII, Number 4

Eric Foner, Reconstruction

Kenneth W. Noe & Shannon H. Wilson (eds.), The Civil War in Appalachia