Me at Dunnottar Castle, August 2009

OK, I am the Doric Loon. It's about as obscure as most Wikipedia usernames, but I found myself having to think of something fast. "Doric" is the dialect and culture of the part of Scotland I come from (around Aberdeen), and "loon" is the word in that dialect meaning "lad", "guy", "fellow" or whatever. As you see, it's frightfully original.

In real life, my name is Graeme Dunphy, and I teach university in Würzburg, Germany.

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I've been editing here since November 2004, and started out (before I had a username) creating the articles Jans der Enikel and Martin of Opava.

My particular enthusiasms are Scotland, Germany, the Netherlands, literature, medieval studies, historical linguistics and migration studies, and you are likely to find me sticking my nose in wherever several of these interests come together. I have a degree in German, a degree in Biblical Studies and a doctorate in Medieval literature, and I am a professor of Translation, so I bring important expertise in those fields. Most of the other things I contribute on are just hobbies. Apart from that, I have to admit I'm a bit of a pedant about grammar and punctuation, so I do tend to make minor edits as I read, even on topics I know nothing about at all. I also edit occasionally on the German Wikipedia, and on Wiktionary, and I'm interested in becoming much more active on the Scottish Gaelic Uicipeid.

For some reason that I really can't remember, I briefly edited under a different profile back in 2005, mainly on German children's literature.

You can find statistics on my Wikipedia contributions here. A list of around 200 articles I have started can be found here.

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Thank you for quality articles between languages, Scottish history and other enthusiasms, such as Sermon on the Mound, Scots Monastery, Regensburg, Ordination of women in the Church of Scotland, High German consonant shift and Scratch Messiah, for "judge for yourself whether I handle this properly", - Graeme, you are an awesome Wikipedian!

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Some picture files I have uploaded
A postcard sent to my mother in Glasgow in 1944 by her uncle, who was a POW in Stalag XI-A. The card is printed with the word Kriegsgefangenenpost (POW post) and has the camp number printed at the bottom.
St Andrew's church, Rome: exterior. A holiday snap from 2005. Too bad about the shadows: if anyone knows how to doctor this to reduce the contrasts, please do.
St Andrew's, Rome: interior, showing central pulpit. A holiday snap from 2005. I've used this one in classes sometimes, as the Centrality of the Word was so important for the history Scottish mentality.
File:Scottish Educational Journal June 21, 1979.jpg

(Can't be displayed here because of non-free status)

Front page of a 40-year-old copy of the journal of the Educational Institute of Scotland. I have this because inside there's a report on my uncle being appointed a Fellow of the EIS.

Conflict of InterestsEdit

Since I am professionally involved in academic research and sometimes write on Wikipedia about the same topics I publish on elsewhere, there can be the appearance of a CoI between my roles as a participant in academic debate and as a neutral Wikipedia reporter on this. My experience has been that most Wiki-colleagues understand this but I have been pounced on before for what someone saw as self-promotion, and I want to be careful to do the right thing. The best way to deal with this is probably just to declare everything up front and then if anyone sees this as a problem with my edits and approaches me about it courteously, I will accept their judgment.

CoI issues mainly arise with the Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle, which I edited and now occasionally use as a source when working on Wiki articles about chronicles; with the Medieval Chronicle Society, since I created the Wiki article on it and have since been elected as its president; on YWMLS, for which I am now joint general editor; and with topics in literary studies on which I have published, as I cannot help holding the same opinions when writing about these on Wikipedia, which sometimes forces me to cite my own research. You can find my publication list here, and judge for yourself whether I handle this properly.

I notice that another wikipedia editor has started a mainspace article on me. I wish it to be known that I did not request this, I do not know the editor concerned, and I will not be editing that article. There is a discussion related to this here.