Welcome to my user page. It's always a wee bit drafty and empty so you might want to go someplace livelier, warmer or more refreshing.

But what else can I say? I believe that knowledge and facts can make things work.[1] That it takes practical information for people to get the most out of their lives and that raging against the machine or raging against the ether needs to be tempered by acts of respectful creation.
So go on, create something. Something splendid. Something useful. Something for someone else.

I also believe that everything you read must be taken with a grain of salt. Ok. That's all for now. Oh, I'm also highly dis-tractable and I'm quite sure that I have many splendid forms of attention deficit disorder. I do enjoy the shiny things.

Since I'm still fairly new at editing, I stay away from major changes and focus on cleaning up, recent changes patrol and creating svg files.

little boxes,
made of ticky tacky
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