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  • I was born at (1982-04-12) April 12, 1982 (age 40), and I am a liberal empirical agnostican.
  • Used to do RnD in the field of the Semantic Web for a startup company, then some product management, and Now I am a digital community architect and head of research at another.
  • I studied Physics and Computer science in the Technion of Israel.
  • I am a firm believer in the Second revolution on the freedom of information this project represents, after the initial formation of the Internet

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  • A world-wide collaborative project to document, using a neutral point of view, ALL aspect of human knowledge that are deemed important enough by any consensual group of individuals. This colossal 8'th wonder of the world, prerequisite respect to each and every contributor in any subject.
  • I am pro-information. irrelevant or fringe articles should not be deleted because they are deemed so by some contributors, unless they are promotional snips, since they have proven worthy enough by some contributors as to write support them.
  • Hopefully the corruptness, and creation of a non democratic Wiki Admins ruled totalitarian hegemony who shunt their own rules, that forced me and others to refrain from future contributions to the Hebrew Wikipedia won't resurface here.( [1], criticism and many more)
  • Can be contacted via ICQ

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  • "Procrastinators do not have a problem with time management. They have a problem with compulsive avoidance. If you give a procrastinator a new time management tool, he will just play with the new time management tool as a way to procrastinate. The problem is not a lack of time management skills; its a tendency towards addictive escapism that must be dealt with directly or there will be no recovery."
  • No need for malice when stupidity can be at fault.
  • Only when you are free of everything, you are free to experience anything.
  • True knowledge is realizing you have far more to learn.
  • He who overindulges on the present, may find himself without that luxury in the future.
  • Sex is the greatest enemy of productivity, be it over quenching or lack of.
  • "If your audience disregard your words claiming you lack authority on the subject, always use an ancient Chinese saying that explains just that." - An ancient Chinese saying.
  • Whole of human civilization is nothing but the DNA's latest trick in self perpetuation.

A general Philosophical guide line : (An excerpt from science, written by me):

Science is reason-based analysis of sensation upon our awareness. As such, the scientific method cannot deduce anything about the realm of reality that is beyond what is observable by existing or theoretical means. When a manifestation of our reality previously considered supernatural is understood in the terms of causes and consequences, it acquires a scientific explanation. For example, God may choose to be hidden from this reality, hence making discussion over God's existence non-scientific.

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