Wikipedia-logo.pngThis user is excessively addicted to Wikipedia.
Graduation hat.svgThis user has an undergraduate degree with double majors in Economics and Finance, and a minor in Mathematics.
Flag of Sealand.svgThis user supports the independence of Sealand.
Flag of the UK Provinces.pngThis user supports a British federal state, not mere devolution.Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
Flag of Wales (1959–present).svg This user believes that The Red Dragon should be included in the Union Jack.
Flag of the United States.svg This user is interested in the politics of the United States.
Vladimir Putin 18 February 2008-6.jpg
This user thinks that being anti-Putin is being pro-Russian.
Mogila Anna Politkovskaya.jpg
Flag of Afghanistan.svgThis user would like a stable Afghanistan.
RDThis user knows that "everybody's dead, Dave."
Stargate-color.svgThis user likes Stargate but dislikes Stargate Universe and has a perfect ending for Universe. It involves Destiny flying into a sunΔ

This user prefers to keep their notes in their watch.
Dr. WhoThis user has been a Doctor Who fan since the First Doctor.1st
DHThis user fell asleep...
...for a little while.
fireflyThey can't take the sky away from this user.
DS9This user asked the replicator for a raktajino.
DSThis user knows you can't fight in the War Room.Ivy explosion.JPG
ZR-3 on USS Saratoga.jpgThis user is a Marxist of the Zeppo variety.
AntsThis user, for one, welcomes our new Insect Overlords.