Hi, my name is DesertPipeline. I made an account on Wikipedia in 2014, but for some reason didn't start using it until 2016. Now I (try) to improve the encyclopedia here and there where I can. Hopefully, I'm doing a good job. If I'm not, rev up those trouts! :)

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Please contact me via my talk page if you need to.

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Public health notice for Wikipedia citizensEdit

ADVISORY: The "Wikipedia Desert Pipeline" is a pipeline which runs through the country of Wikipedia. Residents living near this pipeline are advised that it may vent substances into the atmosphere without any prior warning. One of the substances this pipeline vents contains a compound called 348-Hitoxisaline-Uthl-Mourbund – or 348-H-U-Mour. Health effects of this compound are not fully understood, but it is believed to be a minimal hazard to human health, as long as the exposed person is not afflicted by what is referred to scientifically as "delectation deficiency". This affliction is serious and is predicted to occur in at minimum 30% of the population.

A scale is provided below for citizens of Wikipedia residing near this pipeline which indicates the estimated likelihood of pipeline discharge. Its accuracy is not guaranteed.

Discharge likelihood
Low Medium High Uh oh!

Wall and/or hall of fameEdit

This wall and/or hall of fame is for immortalising (at least for as long as the Wikipedia servers survive) replies to messages of mine (or maybe even just messages in general) that I thought deserved it.

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9 March 2021Edit

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