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It is summer time, and life outside Wikipedia is a bit hectic so I won't be contributing much for a month or two. But do leave a message if you need assistance as I will try to check in every few days if possible.

I am a somewhat eclectic editor and have started articles on a diversive range of topics, including my medieval home town, a railway designed to carry ships overland in my new home province and an nearby environmental mess.

For a quick wiki-fix, I hang out in the back streets of Wikipedia at Category:Uncategorized pages or dead-end pages. This seems to be a good place to find needy articles that have been vandalised, or need a helping hand to look something like a wikipedia article should look, or just simply put it out of their misery. I will also assign new articles to appropriate WikiProject as I find this usually gets them some immediate attention from an editor with an interest an expertise in subject matter that I can't be bothered with.

Lately I have started working my way through Category:Communities in Nova Scotia by county (Annapolis is done!) updating broken refs, and looking for opportunities to improve these articles, most of which will never be more than a stub, but nonetheless can provide some useful information. I have also been working on a few pages related to indigenous organizations in Nova Scotia, such as Native Council of Nova Scotia and Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey.

The rest of this page is mainly a reference to (A) Wikipedia policies, guidelines, templates etc, and (B) external reference sources that I use on a regular basis.

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