This is a list of various "Help" pages that may or may not be helpful to have on a wiki (especially a MediaWiki-based one). Many are simply alternate titles that might be used as redirects to more canonical ones.

Not all of these do or should exist here at Wikipedia. Don't create any of these pages just because they show up as "redlinks". On the other hand, if you see a missing page that you think would often be tried by people linking to Wikipedia from other wikis, then you probably should go ahead and create a redirect to the most relevant existing help page (see also the complete list of pages in the Help: namespace, which was actually the starting point for the list below).

I'm putting this here mainly for my own use, since I edit lots of different wikis and have, on occasion, worked to create "Help" pages for newly created ones. (Actually, my main purpose in creating the list is to create/suggest additional redirects at the Central Wikia.)

Help pagesEdit

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