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Hi, I'm Daviessimo. I'm 32 years old and from Liverpool (which for Americans is a big city in the North of England (Which, also for Americans is one of 4 consituent countries that make up the United Kingdom)). ;). Despite what my username may suggest I'm in no way Italian and am a born and bred Scouser. I have an MSc in Urban Regeneration and Management obtained from the University of Liverpool, having previously gained a BA Geography degree from the University of Sheffield in June 2008. I have recently taken a long wiki-break to focus on work commitments, but now feel I am able to once again contribute effectively to Wikipedia.

My interests on Wikipedia relate primarily to Liverpool articles, in particular architecture, buildings and landmarks. I'm also interested in the history and geography of Liverpool and Merseyside region. I also contribute regularly to Wikipedia In the news nominating and updating items for the main page.

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Articles I've createdEdit

Symbol c class.svg - Architecture of Liverpool
Symbol c class.svg - Transport in Liverpool
Symbol start class.svg - Culture of Liverpool
Symbol start class.svg - Economy of Liverpool
Symbol start class.svg - Go Superlambananas!
Symbol start class.svg - Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City
Symbol start class.svg - Victoria Tower, Liverpool
Symbol stub class.svg - Joe Anderson (politician)
Symbol stub class.svg - Liverpool Culture Company
Symbol stub class.svg - Liverpool Vision
Symbol stub class.svg - Multi-Area Agreements
For ITN on the main page:
Symbol b class (alternate).svg - 2009 Massereene Barracks shooting
Symbol start class.svg - 2009 Tonga undersea volcanic eruption
Symbol start class.svg - July 2009 cyber attacks
Symbol stub class.svg - 2008 Santa Catarina Floods
Symbol stub class.svg - 2010 Uganda landslide

Articles I've significantly contributed toEdit

Symbol support vote.svg - Albert Dock
Symbol support vote.svg - Cunard Building
Symbol support vote.svg - Port of Liverpool Building
Symbol b class (alternate).svg - Liverpool
Symbol b class (alternate).svg - Superlambanana
Symbol c class.svg - Gateacre


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Well done for all your hard work and significant improvements to the Albert Dock article in the relatively short time you've been on Wikipedia. Keep up the excellent work! Cheers Snowy 1973 (talk) 21:58, 9 October 2008 (UTC)

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I award this to you for outstanding contribution to WP:ITN.  Cargoking  talk  15:52, 30 July 2009 (UTC)