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David notMD is my nom de plume on various forums and chats. I chose it because I was arguing with someone whose forum name was David MD. Signed up with Wikipedia in 2006 and am currently between 16,000 and 20,000 edits. To date, I have not yet created a new article.

Many, many year ago I earned a doctorate in nutritional biochemistry. My career has been in industry as opposed to academia or government - primarily R&D for medical foods, functional foods and dietary supplements. Many of my entries have been corrections, additions and subtractions to entries on dietary supplement ingredients, also vitamins, nutritionally essential minerals, and nutrients in general. And various food allergies. My long-term goal is to raise all vitamin articles to GA status.

AS OF 1/1/19 I AM RETIRED. For the previous 14 years I was self-employed as a science consultant to companies in the dietary supplement, performance nutrition and functional food industries. I did not receive payments from clients for making changes to Wikipedia entries. NO PAID EDITING. None of my clients were aware of my Wikipedia activities, and none ever asked me to create or edit Wikipedia entries. My intentions will continue to be to avoid conflict of interest (COI) and maintain a neutral point of view. For articles with more of a potential for COI given my past work, I will still identify that information on the Talk page of the articles in question.

My other areas of interest: I write a newspaper column on local history and observations on nature, which has led to my contributing to articles on same topics, including animal and plant species defined as invasive to North America.

I have been diagnosed as having ASD (meaning Attention Surplus Disorder, not Autism spectrum disorder). Useful after making a Good Article Nomination, but otherwise a life-distorting affliction.

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