Why Darkman101 ? This is a reference to the hero of the eponymous movie. (& 101 because Darkman was taken.) He's the kind of guy I identify with, along with Robocop & Swamp Thing. Regular decent guys who just did good, but got destroyed by the powers of darkness. They were then resurrected, and returned with power, to protect the innocent and bring justice upon the wicked.

Remind you of anyone ?

(These heroes win because they do exactly what the scriptwriter tells them. Read the four gospels in prayer and you'll understand.)

Who am I: A Christian. The real thing. This will obviously be regarded as wildly biasing my words on any spiritual matter.  :)

I believe the gospel because I have read it in prayer, asking the Lord to show me if it's true, and if it's really his word. I have put Jesus' teaching into practice and thereby discovered it proves to be true, receiving very tangible definite answers to prayer, and even a few miracles. I utterly reject all theology.

So I regard the existence of God as being a simply demonstrable fact. I will glady offer help to anyone who genuinely wants to know the truth about God; I will not debate his existence.

Age: 57 years. Male.

Location: Hertfordshire, Great Britain

Education: BTEC HNC Electronic Engineering (UK); Foundation Certificate in Counselling (ACC);

Interests: Photography; History of science and technology; Psychology; Fixing Things (mechanical/electrical/electronic/whatever) which I think I'm rather good at; Model Railroading - SP&S (one day all these sheets of sketches will magically turn in to a layout);

Personal motto: There's no such thing as too much mayonaise.