To keep you in the dark and protect my anonymity, at least one of the statements below about who I am is false.

To help you detect which statements might be untrue I will give an estimate of the likelihood it is incorrect.

  • ™©® is a hint to my real-life identity. (7%)
  • I am born in a village that most of my contrymen believe is fictitious. (12%)
  • Despite the fact that my username might be read as D-and-or-id, Did is not my name... (14%)
  • I like to play jazz on my piano. (73%)
  • I collect stamps. (42%)
  • My cat is called Tobey. (63%)
  • I spend most of my free time on Wikipedia. (17%)

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Confucius say: He who runs through forest in straight line will hit tree.[1]

Everything should me made as simple as possible, but not simpler.[2]

Nothing is more permanent than a temporary solution.[3]

  1. ^ Confucius (alleged) This also neatly defines the point at which you start calling a bunch of trees a 'forest' as: a set of perennial plants with elongated stems that block any glimpse of what lies behind it from any exterior viewpoint, where 'bunch' is interpreted as an amount greater than 1.
  2. ^ Albert Einstein This also applies to this quote.
  3. ^ User:Dandorid It appears that the opposite is also true...


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