Hello. My name is Daniel. I am 19 years old and from the Northeastern section of the United States, more specifically Pawtucket, RI. I am a big car fanatic, especially with Subarus, Mercedes-Benzes, Land Rovers, Volvos, and Fords. I am also a huge Arsenal fan and an Eagle Scout.

I am very interested in broadcasting. This is because I'm an SWL, both via the Internet and using conventional shortwave radio. One of my favorite non-American radio stations is Radio 3 [1], which is run by the BBC. This caters to my interest in classical music very well. (I also like Celtic music, the music of Willie Nelson, Céline Dion, and Sarah MacLachlan; lately I've been introduced to rock music and klezmer music. In addition, I also like Greek music, especially rempetika.) I often rely on BBC (both the TV news on PBS and the World Service) for news, though lately I've been listening with great frequency to Kol Israel, Radio Australia, and Radio Canada International.

Occasionally you'll see edits made by a user called or This is me at my home computer (my Verizon IP number) when I'm not logged in. I don't what my school would use, but I know when I tried to edit a page on Antigua and Barbuda, I was blocked. Apparently people made senseless postings on the Sumerians and Will Rogers! Not me! I would most likely be editing a post on the Daewoo Tosca than I would regarding Will Rogers!

I will be working with Wikipedia's main project regarding articles relating to the former Soviet Union, mostly in terms of the broadcasting aspect. In addition, I'm also on a media crusade, trying to fix up or creat (if necessary) any article relating to broadcasting.

I'm also right now a sophmore at university. It's been a great time so far, and I hope it can continue!

Now, let's see, what's the time? Is it really 05:52 ? I'd better get going!