D. Anthony Patriarche (Tony) is a retired software developer and unretiring musician, singer & composer living in Victoria BC. Originally in Chemistry and Medical Biophysics research, with a side order of Mathematics, he later joined the microcomputer revolution in a small company developing large database software. He has acted in both amateur and professional theatre, and is a member of SOCAN. He publishes his own classical and folk music compositions and arrangements on the web as Musicus Arbutus. Other wiki-related interests include musicology; early computer languages; spiritual topics (especially Buddhism & Taoism); mid-20th-century literature such as Golden Age SF, "whodunits" and British adventure/romance; linguistics (especially etymology and phonology); films & cinematography; biochemistry & pharmacology; mathematics....

He has co-authored one published technical paper in an extremely obscure area of nuclear physics, the Liquid Drop Model, which will likely not be included in future editions of the Wikipedia article Semi-empirical mass formula: namely, Energy Considerations in the Electrostatic Dispersion of Liquids, by S. A. Ryce & D. A. Patriarche, Canadian Journal of Physics, 1965, 43(12) www.nrcresearchpress.com/doi/10.1139/p65-213#.WlsEBq6nHmg

He contributes an occasional new article to Wikipedia, but is more frequently to be found tidying up, fixing links, expanding, redacting, adding references, and commenting on Talk pages. He has been contributing to Wikipedia since the summer of 2005, when, while discussing naming conventions for a software project, with great trepidation he added an article on camelCase (which he would now recognize as a stub). He returned a day or so later to discover that his stub had been expanded into a 2+ page essay with scholarly footnotes! Somewhat chagrined and humbled, he nevertheless persevered and today keeps a Wikipedia button on the top menu bar of his home page.

Wikipedia Accounts: Please note that (due to premature auctorial amentia) some contributions are credited to D A Patriarche and some to D Anthony Patriarche. The present home page/account, user_id = D A Patriarche, is the only currently active one, but just to really confuse you, contributions from this account are commonly signed D Anthony Patriarche. Luckily "Patriarche" is a relatively uncommon surname outside of France; if you live in North America or the Channel Islands and your name is Patriarche, we're probably related. Now I hope that clears that up.

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