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Conner Thompson
My beloved cat I bought years ago. I charished him to my hearts content.
Conner, White, Thompson

(2005-03-12) 12 March 2005 (age 14)
Chicago, USA
OccupationMiddle School Student and Wikipedia Writer
Years active1 month

Hello my name is Conner but, you can call me ConnerTea. I have lived for 14 years since I was born in 2005. My parents told me I would have been born in New Orleans. Katrina growing in category and size caused major damage. The worst disaster I have experienced in my life is Ike. It takes the cake just above the floods three months earlier. A large amount of disasters were occurring in my life so I made a piece of the page about it. Many things have happened to me in Chicago that I began to remember so I made a page for it too. About a few images either looked similar or matched the exact location I was in after or during the disaster. I used them so I could show you what I would see. It always appear I have no idea what to write for my articles so I try to add as many words as possible. I have had 5 pets over the years 3 dogs and 2 cats. Those animals are so god dang cute! Hurricane Irma was a minor tropical storm when it hit the city of Jacksonville, Florida. A flooded area was about all the damage I saw from Irma. Matthew was a similar hurricane causing the same amount of damage. Though cities was damaged in coastline areas and was a major hurricane offshore but, did not get the same damage inland.



Hello my name is Conner but, you can call me ConnerTea. I have lived for 14 years since I was born in 2005. My parents told me I would have been born in New Orleans. Katrina growing in category and size caused major damage. The worst disaster I have experienced in my life is Ike. It takes the cake just above the floods three months earlier.


I have experienced 3 hurricanes in my life. Two of the hurricanes were Matthew and Irma but, the one who takes the cake is Hurricane Ike. This hurricane will be mentioned on the natural disasters part of this page.


I had encountered a small earthquake in August 2008 magnitude of 4.0 causing some noises and damage in my house. In the aftermath no one really cared at all.

Current InformationEdit

I live in Jacksonville, Florida and am planning on moving back to Chicago for now on. We are planning to by an apartment near the downtown area. My dad works as a banker at Wells Fargo and my mom works as a manager at Wells Fargo. Our home is a tan color with a red shingle roof. We have 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and a small garage. Our home is about 1,400 feet in floor area. My past time is used to write about newly sunken ships. The ones in 2012 are what I'm also looking at.


• My favorite color is blue • I have broke my arm once • Im fifteen years old I'm working to get a similar job as my parents.

Natural disasters in my lifeEdit

June 2008 Midwest FloodsEdit


We left the region of Chicago were the homes were flooded. We planned going into the Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago For a few months in the meantime then go back and fix the remains later on.


The impact of the large floods caused 3 feet of water to steamroll into the house. A security camera we installed in the kitchen and back doors showed the doors giving way. A tsunami wave of water charged into the kitchen and dining room. Soon enough the home was finished flooding instead rising. At 1:36 pm the house was finished rising. 3 feet of water was found in the rooms of the house. Though the objects of the home were able to survive.

Possible HailEdit

When we arrived to the home we found obvious roof damage which could not be possible by flood waters. A small amount of hail was said to drop in the area that night. By this point the home looked terrible. Neighbors reported the worst pieces of damage was the floods it self.


We looked through the aftermath of the surge we got all our stuff and moved out 2 days after incident and the hotel room. It smelled terrible in there.

Hurricane IkeEdit


After the last floods instead of leaving we stayed. We took everything we could from a store. Water and food was the main essential. A 74 year old homeless woman stayed in our house for a week because of Ike. Flood waters a few days before Ike arrived prevented us from leaving. We used our shutters and sandbags to protect ourselves.


The night of was the first time I had heard wind bands in reality. The impact of this storm had me up for 6 hours from start to when I napped. I'm gonna say I slept through the storm as I woke up in the other half of the rain bands. A disaster was packed with a punch and it was over us. We had escaped major damage. The house up the street from us almost collapse from the winds. Flooding had reached most of our steps causing us to still be trapped. Our cars were flooded over and condemned.


The remains of my neighborhood

In the aftermath of Ike we packed up some of our belongings. Our 74 year old homeless lady left in an airlift leaving us behind for 2 hours. She had us pack up with our luggage and get our golden retriever prepared for anything. She was very dumb and this proved it. The flood water left Galveston and we got a new car from a few miles away to leave the city.

2015 Rochelle–Fairdale, Illinois tornadoEdit


The tornado above the town of Rochelle

The tornado impacted our home in Rochelle. Major damage along with destruction of the whole house. Our bathroom was the only thing left remaining. Surrounding homes were basically the same as ours. It took years for us to get the pieces of the puzzle put together. My memory was broken away. All I could think about was the tornado and my cousin.


My little cousin a year younger than me did not make it the bathroom. Instead he hid under clothes in the closet next to us. The roof was lifted off the closet collapsing the walls. A wall fell onto his back breaking it. Because of this event we had to take him out and drive him to the nearest hospital. It turned out he had a broken leg and a broken back.


We searched through the piles of rubble of what used to be the living room and kitchen first. There was not much left there most of it laying in our master bedroom. Me ,my older brother Jason and my father searched the master bedroom. Most of the belongings we could find was located in there. We checked inside our Garage which only lost its roof and its outer 2 walls. Remains in all the other rooms including this one were scarce.

Chicago, IllinoisEdit


I had two homes in Chicago. One was a small trailer made in 1980. The other was large townhouse in a gated community. I will say stuff about the trailer so I will. It was a big trailer compared to others. I slept in a small extra room while my parents slept just a hallway down. For 3 people the trailer still felt huge. I felt Happy in there. My Trailer was sold before was could get any pictures of it. If we did we lost them. I do remember taking a photo of my bedroom and a memory of running around in the trailer and that was it.

The other home I had many memories in including a natural disaster. The memories I have was playing with neighborhood kids near the pond behind it. A play fort being constructed sleeping in my own private rooms. I think the trailer was in my driveway for a month and then was sold to another family. My new home had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It was at least 1,636 square feet.


The neighborhood of my trailer was small and very sketchy. One of my neighbors was a drug dealer who owned a shotgun. That was the reason we moved out.

Our new home was in a very nice and gated community with a private tennis court and a large pool. We really only knew one of our 3 neighbors and the others came over for a party every once in a while or invited us for a fishing trip.


Our Townhouse was flooded in June 2008 causing us to leave the property 2 days later.


Sweet MemoriesEdit

A lot of sweet memories were kept in my brain along with a few pictures. By this point a majority of 17 pictures were taken of our new home from April 2007 to June 2008. After June of 2008 we moved to Galveston, Texas were we lived for two months. I had friends in the neighbors house and a kid from up the street. I will admit I had a big crush on that girl up the street.

Neighborhood BullyEdit

There was a bully who lived up the street he would sometimes go out of his house and hang around a tree in front of a his house. He didn't usually talk to anyone apart from a random boy who looked like he was 13 years old. I don't have any memories of the bully. My mom says a scar on my foot was me and him playing in my yard and him pushing me into a fence causing a wound in my foot.