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I have been a lurker and avid reader here for a long time[when?] before I started editing. Most of my content writing is focused on chemical elements and their isotopes, as well as broader topics within the scope of nuclear physics. I also participate in maintenance work, including vandalism fighting (recent changes patrol) and participation in deletion discussions at AfD and RfD, along with minor copyediting when I see an article in need. Anything that helps the encyclopedia is worth doing.

I use the username ComplexRational only on Wikimedia projects. Anyone else on the Internet with this or a very similar username is almost certainly not me.

My English is closest to en-N or en-4+ in generic or colloquial writing, though I could possibly reach en-5 in some niche topics with which I am very familiar. The 1 I give myself in Italian is for writing and speaking, but my comprehension when reading Italian sources is probably closer to a 2.

Any and all feedback is welcome at my talk page. I am always open for discussion, but should I be particularly busy in real life, it may be several days before I respond. If I make any mistake or dubious judgements when reverting, tagging, etc., don't hesitate to inform me there.

Article work in progressEdit

Article When
Current Goal Comments
Island of stability   B   GA   FA Peer review in progress
History of the periodic table   C   C   FA Active collaboration with R8R and YBG, see talk page

Did you know...Edit


Thanks for answering in the teahouse! I really appreciate it. Sage~ 01:09, 19 January 2019 (UTC)
I was just minding my own business patrolling recent changes, until I ran into you fighting vandalism (and beating me to it ._.). I wanted to show my appreciation for your reflexes as attacking the problems the second they arise. Thanks for helping keep the wiki clean! Utopes (talk) 19:58, 18 July 2019 (UTC)