Hi, my name is Colin and I love Wikipedia.

Some of my areas of interest include:

My favourite 'meta' activities on Wikipedia are:

  • Cleaning up disambiguation pages
  • Participating in (and occasionally closing) requested move discussions
  • Performing good article reviews

Below are a few of my favourite articles which I've created or contributed to substantially:

(I have a full list of my article creations here.)

My first edit under this username was the creation of the article for the Canadian trampolinist Jason Burnett in January 2007, but I was not very active until 2019. This account was originally named "Dindon" (the French word for "turkey"). In 2015, it was forcibly renamed to "Dindon~enwiki" during the transition to a system of unique usernames across Wikimedia projects. In January 2019, it was renamed to "Colin M", at my request.

I'm also semi-active on Wikimedia Commons and Wiktionary.

I keep a somewhat neglected list here of some of my idiosyncratic views on matters that I think we currently get wrong, in terms of policies and guidelines or their application. I also keep a todo list here with some of the major pieces of wiki work I'm planning to work on next.

American opossum in baby grand piano.jpg Edit

If life ever gets me down, I like to just remember that American opossum in baby grand piano.jpg is a thing that exists (and is even currently included in the article Virginia opossum!). I love to ponder the circumstances that led to the creation of this photo, and just be thankful that c:User:Jkatsis2 was moved to not just take it, but upload it to Wikimedia Commons (under such a delightfully literal, precise filename), where it could bring joy, mirth, and wonder to so many.

I truly believe this is one of the greatest things I have ever seen on the internet. How are we to read this facial expression? Somehow it seems to signify surprise, hostility, merriment, misanthropy, and bemusement all at once. Truly the Mona Lisa of oppossums.