Current StatusEdit

Starting to collect resources and tools, starting to feel not quite brand new. Long way to go!!

PS I get that I'm probably only supposed to post the specific one (Novato, for instance) that applies, but I just feel like having all applicable on for right now. Mainly because I've always had so much less time than I'd have liked to learn All Things Wiki. Needs must celebrate every milestone, so. Showing them all is probably just a phase.


Writing and editingEdit

Tools and listsEdit

Initial Message, mainly still the caseEdit

Hello! I'm a long-time Wikipedia reader, now also editor. In awe of all that you've done who've been here significantly longer than I! I've worked at place where, if you've been there less than five years, you're new. I feel the same about starting on this activity - I'll be new for a long, long time. So, after a bit, I'll start to think about adding more to this page, but I feel like it isn't time yet.

Looking forward to learning and being of use, especially in areas that are under-represented.