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James Dreyfus says:

This crap has been written on my Wikipedia page. Anyone know how to correct this fucking lie? And who was allowed to write it?

Lad Blackpool says:

I know who you are, chive. You're a TRA vandal.

(TRA means trans rights activist and is a term only used by TERFs)

FaustoLG says:

Man Hating user ChiveFungi surely hates reason, I invite you to compare Chive... Or maybe you'll ban me because of reasons... No problem, an inferior being with power will try to use it, like you are doing it... But you don't have power over us on real life... Let that sink in, YOU HAVE NO REAL POWER, now deal with that truth. says:

Hello Chive Fungi! (perhaps, as a eukaryote, you are more clever than the average 'cis' prokaryote, like myself)
If a person chose to describe me as 'cis', I would describe such use as objectionable. I would also contend that this would not merely be a matter of opinion. No one has any right to label my gender identity directly, nor even indirectly. No one can construct any rational argument that would give them the right to label my gender identity, nor any right to allocate me to some group whose gender identity they feel entitled to label. When people choose to discuss gender identity, they ought to be clear in their mind about what exactly they are discussing, and my edit was designed to clarify that point. If you want to exert authoritarian power, why don't you just get a dog?
Woof, woof says:

ChiveFungi: I am not sure WHO you are and why you are intruding in my wikipedia experience with your most problematic attitude. Instead of making generalized statements about "wikipedia is not a forum" and "we do not want to hear your antisemetic rants" perhaps you can come up with a more civilized approach of why you think there is a problem and why you think I am the cause of that problem. Also, just out of curiosity, who told you Wikipedia is not forum. The talk pages of every topic ARE indeed a form of forum where people should be and ARE allowed to FREELY express their opinions, as long as of course they do so in a mature civilized way. Finally, who are the "we" who do not want to hear my "antisemetic rants"? Do you represent a group of people and who are they? Also can you define "antisemitic" in direct relationship to a quote attributed to me. I will be expecting your reply. But rest assured that if you continue to harrass me I will be the one who will file a complaint requesting that YOU are banned! Hopefully, you have the capacity to understand that what you did is extremely serious and will be handled in the most assertive way the law permits. says:

Leftist SJWs like ChiveFungi smear anyone they don't like as racists. This is why Trump won. Normal people are sick and tired of this vile and racist leftist bullshit. Leftists like ChiveFungi are the real racists. And no "Eurabia" is not white genocide conspiracy theory, which is a neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. It is an eastbalished fact observed by Jews living in Europe who are oppressed and persecuted by the new Muslim immigrants. Comparing Jews to Nazis is another tactic favored by leftist anti-Semites like ChiveFungi. And the multiculturalist agenda of leftist elites is well-documented. Just look at your very own Multiculturalism article. Many countries, including once-homogenous Sweden, have it as official state policy. In London British people are a minority. The BBC even indoctrinates children with its "educational history programmes" into thinking black Africans were a large part of the British population during the Roman occupation and in the Middle Ages. It's evil and colonialism when white people move to non-European countries, but "culturally enriching" and "diverse and inclusive" when non-Europeans move to Europe. ChiveFungi is a good example of white self-hatred and hypocrisy. So Eurabia is hardly a "conpiracy theory" but a fact. It was popularized not by an anti-Semitic neo-Nazi but by a Jewish woman named Bat Ye'or who was herself the victim of Muslim anti-Semitism that forced her and her family to flee from Egypt to Britain where the Muslims are following in persuit now in droves thanks to the leftists' demographic engineering.

1Granddrip says:

If you don't know the difference between a man and a woman, then you are literally retarded.
Men have XY chromosomes, and women have XX chromosomes. A man wearing a dress is still a man, you imbecile.

Possibly the same person says:

A single small message I left on your talk page criticizing your totalitarian approach to censorship of standard biological facts is not "harassment." Look in the mirror. What you are doing to people who disagree with your political ideology is harassment.