Hi everyone!!! 🙋🏻‍♂️ My name is Chalxeutft and I currently live in the  Philippines. I create pages and edit articles like Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss Supranational, Miss Asia Pacific, country and history articles.

I can also speak five languages. Tagalog, English, Indonesian, Spanish, and Russian. I have interests in cartography and history.

And here is my sandbox to let you see my awesome new works I've been creating.

And also, here's all my contributions that I have made in Wikipedia.


Hola a todos!!! 🙋🏻‍♂️ Mi nombre es Chalxeutft y actualmente vivo en Philippines. Creo páginas y edito artículos como Miss Universo, Miss Mundo, Miss Earth, Miss Supranacional, Miss Asia Pacífico, artículos sobre países e historia.

También puedo hablar cinco idiomas. Tagalo, inglés, indonesio, español y ruso. Tengo intereses en cartografía e historia.

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My List of countriesEdit

Here are my list of my favorite countries, states, and territories.Edit

  East Turkestan
  Camarines Norte
  Marquesas Islands
  Donetsk People's Republic
  Abu Dhabi
  Soviet Union
  Union of South Africa
  South Africa
  Netherlands Antilles
  Central America
  People's Republic of Kampuchea
  Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
  Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  Sulu Sultanate
  Netherlands New Guinea
  St. Martin
  Akrotiri & Dhekelia
  Qing Dynasty
  Inner Mongolia

Black Sea

  State of Cambodia
  Byelorussian Republic
  Breakup of Yugoslavia