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Respect user:Jimbo Wales

Tried to remember important information learned decades ago. Improve successes, & eliminate failures. Solved problem used more complicated than others. Easier answer usually wrong.

About meEdit

Senior year high school recognized me for national merit finalist. I was a disgrace to attend high school because my uncle dropped out of high school to complete a PhD in Physics at University of Iowa. After high school graduation I attended Ohio State University, where I earned a bachelor's in electrical & computer engineering. I was kicked out of engineering school because my grades were too low. After I failed 20+ job applications in a row, I worked as math tutor at Mathnasium in Virginia. My boss Dr. Bell was probably happy to see me quit to attend George Mason University because his business was losing customers. I earned a 2nd bachelor's degree in Physics at George Mason University because I wanted to improve my GPA to admit to graduate school. I attended one semester at Virginia Tech remote campus Electrical engineering graduate school but I was frustrated because of high cost of tuition. I dropped graduate school and worked at Mathnasium for a different owner.


Wikipedia policy very clearly stated "no original research" because wikipedia editors were not reliable sources of information. I worked on this project if I felt safe.

Edit etiquetteEdit

Clue bot NG edits very effective vandalism reversion because analysis of edit score and default not to revert to itself. Article talk pages very useful to resolve edit wars because very few people read talk pages. Reader/editor ratio very high gave editors power to control subject. Revision history deletion very rare allowed greater knowledge of information editor's bias. Screen mirrors increased complexity because a new dimension of conflict of interest. Peer reviewed information increased reliability.

Ex girlfriendEdit

Jane Spikowski was a great math partner but my relationship with her was strictly logical. She was much better at math than that other girl one year older than she. I helped her win the team competition for math, and my score was 2nd on individual section. She was very ugly which excluded her from my sexual fantasies. One day in AP Chemistry, Jane's boyfriend Chris got one question right on a 12 question multiple choice quiz. Jane examined the question Chris got right, then explained to Mr Ule (Chemistry teacher) that the answer was different. Mr Ule agreed, and Chris was angry because he got 0/12.