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Will finish military service in November 2019
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BornIsrael Tel Aviv, Israel
Name in real lifeStav
(1/4 Ashkenazi
3/8 Sephardi
1/8 Maghrebi
1/4 Mizrahi)
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
ReligionSecular, Apatheist
PoliticsCentrist, Economic Liberal

Bolter21, also known as Stav (Hebrew: סתיו‎ - lit. "Autumn"). I come from Tel Aviv, Israel and deal mostly with articles related to my country in some way, whether it be history, geography, archeology, politics or others. I am also an amateur mapper, so if you need any kind of map just tell me and I could try to produce it.

"Calm down mate"
"In this user's fictional world, people with no sense of humor will be stoned to death at the city's square by a laughing crowd."

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Main Projects: Palestinian workers in IsraelN  • MusmusN?  • ZalafaN?  • MusheirifaN  • Salem, Ma'ale IronN?  • Bayada, Ma'ale IronN  • Ma'ale Iron  • Shaul ArieliN  • Giv'at Oz  • Ein as-SahalaN?  • Mu'awiya, BasmaN  • Hamed Abu DaabasN  • June 2016 Tel Aviv shooting  • Turkey–Israel reconciliation agreementN  • Megiddo, Israel  • Midrakh Oz  • Mishmar HaEmekSymbol unsupport vote.svg  • Yokneam Moshava?  • Hatzor  • Palestinian local elections, 2016N  • Western Wall Tunnel riotsN  • Ramot Menashe  • Beit QadN  • Azrieli Sarona Tower  • November 2016 Israel firesN  • Ramat HaShofet  • Noa (band)N • Katamon • ArabbunaN • HaZore'a • Basma • Ein HaShofet • Jo'araN  • Tel YokneamN  • Qira, Haifa • Ramat KorazimN  • Tel QashishN  • Tel QiriN?  • Tel ShushN  • Tel MevorakhN • Tell JemmehN

BoNM - Israel.png The Israeli Barnstar of National Merit
I noticed that you have been improving articles about numerous Israeli localities. You are doing great work! Take this Barnstar of National Merit as a token of appreciation. —Ynhockey (Talk) 19:32, 16 July 2016 (UTC)
Original Barnstar.png The Original Barnstar
Commending your tireless and impartial editing of List of terrorist incidents, 2015
E.M.Gregory (talk) 10:31, 22 September 2015 (UTC)

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Misspelling achievements:

stuped → stupid
northen → northern
occupaid → occupied
goverment → government
sovargion → sovereign
explane → explain
detiles → details
rediculous → ridiculous
parlament → parliament
accuarding → according
devided → divided
forgion → foreign
awsome → awesome
resault → result
boundries → boundaries
recieved → received
togather → together
comitee → committee
escelation → escalation
insteed → instead
forth → fourth
interprated → interpreted
definently → definitely
serrounded → surrounded
vegitable → vegetable
existance → existence
arguebly → arguably
noteble → notable
resemblence → resemblance
testement → testament
biblography → bibliography
summerized → summarized
condamn → condemn
vacinity → vicinity