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Welcome to my userpage. I edit Wikipedia because I believe in the mission of spreading the world's knowledge - for free! I am fortunate enough to be an administrator (or my preferred phrase - sysop) here. I am currently serving as a member of the drafting commitee for Phase 2 of the Universal Code of Conduct. If you have a concern or need help please leave me a note on my talk page and I'll be happy to answer or assist.

Currently working on:Edit

  • Trying to be the best arbitrator I can be.
  • RFA in general. In particular, trying to find editors who would make good admins. Is that you? Do you know someone you think would be good? Get in touch.
  • Patrolling new pages as the mood strikes me and time allows, and teaching NPP school when there's an interested student.
  • Creating pages for all Newbery and Caldecott winner and honor books.
    • Every winner for both awards now has a page (though some of them are incredibly STUBBY.
  • Closing Articles for Deletion and other discussions which catch my interest.

Things I want to do... some day:Edit

My workEdit

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