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See alsoEdit

Current squad/roster watch in ElitserienEdit

Rosters which I probably update

( joined: 3 (3)   Sebastian Erixon (D) (during 2007-08 season), 8 (8)   Dennis Persson (D), 23 (23)   Tomas Skogs (D), 24 (10)   Jesper Samuelsson (C), 26 (26)   Mikko Lehtonen (D), 75 (75)   Toni Mäkiaho (RW) )

( left for other teams: 8   Sanny Lindström (D), 9   Kalle Koskinen (D), 13   Peter Regin (C), 30   Petri Kokko (D), 32   Riku Hahl (C) )

( retired: 12   Robert Carlsson (LW/C) )

Rosters having some of my attention because they are Norrland teams and also get less attention

( joined: 4 (4)   Ola Svanberg (D), 20 (36)   Lars Jonsson (D), 19 (21)   János Vas (LW), 31 (31)   Jonathan Granström (C) )

( left: 1   Markus Korhonen (G), 5   Antti Hulkkonen (D), 8   Nicholas Angell (D), 14   Mathias Månsson (LW), 15   Janne Hauhtonen (C), 16   Richard Gynge (RW), 18   Markus Kankaanperä (D), 20   Johannes Salmonsson (LW), 28   Pavel Brendl (RW), 30   Daniel Sperrle (G), 33   Sebastian Karlsson (C) )

( retired: 7   Tommy Sjödin (D) )

( joined: 6 (4)   Kristofer Berglund (D) )

( left: 6   Mikko Pukka (D), 10   Pekka Saravo (D), 20   Magnus Isaksson (C), 32   Per Savilahti-Nagander (D), 38   Jere Myllyniemi (G) )

( joined: )

( left: 5   Jonas Lennartsson (D), 37   Lee Goren (RW), 91   Pontus Petterström (LW) )

( retired: 19   Mikael Renberg (RW) )

Someone else is obviously updating these rosters so I do not bother

Keeping an eye on some articlesEdit

Former regular Timrå playersEdit

Former regular Timrå players who are still activeEdit

Players currently active in AHL/NHL are bold

(I do not watch the NHL lockout players   Miikka Kiprusoff or   Aki-Petteri Berg since they have not been regular in any other season. Also,   Lars Jonsson was not yet in the NHL when he signed with Timrå IK on 2004-05-02.)

Swedish ice hockeyEdit

Articles using my pics on Wikimedia CommonsEdit

Pictures that were replaced (rather than complemented) by other contributors are denoted by a strikeout of the article name.

Current Snooker tournamentsEdit

Nerdy stuffEdit